Architectural competition is a perfect opportunity both for beginners and seasoned Designers to challenge their opponents not in the market, but on creative battlefield. This is a clash of ideas, ultimately leading to progress. Throughout history such contests allowed creation of culturally significant buildings such as Sydney Opera, Pompidou Center and Chicago Tribune Tower. They are education tools that get your gears grinding and encourage experimentation. Come to think of it – would you still do this job if it was only about money? Exactly! If this thought isn’t convincing enough, here are five more reasons to join Architectural Design Competitions!

Architectural Competition – 5 Reasons to Join

#1 Exercise of Creativity

Do you feel like you are drowning in a pool of mundane tasks? That you are losing that Art School drive and your style is getting dull? This is a clear indication that you must flex your creative muscles! And Architectural Competitions offer a great opportunity to do just that. Forget that your Design determines what will you have for dinner tomorrow or add a few zeroes to your projected revenue – expand your consciousness and come up with something groundbreaking!

#2 Free Promotion

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An Architectural Competition is not just about Design, and  your colleagues are not only attendees and judges. There’s still commercial interest involved. But you don’t need to win to attract potential investors or clients – just be memorable and showcase your potential. With bait like this, you’ll get a lot more than just prize and pride. Make your very name an advertisement of its own!

#3 Portfolio Additions

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Why ignore such a great opportunity to fill your portfolio with something better than consumer-based Interior or Exterior Design pieces? We’ll never know if you are the next Architectural Milestone creator, but it will surely set your work in stone – and in your wallet!

#4 Making Contacts

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Sure, you’ll meet new clients at an Architectural Competition. However, it’s not just about profit, remember? Wouldn’t it be exciting to finally confront your competitors face-to-face? It may give your rivalry extra spice, or maybe end it, forming fraternal relationships!

#5 Compete With the Best

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To be fair, a Competition is a reward of its own. Imagine yourself challenging the best Designers out there – how exciting is that?! Prove yourself as their equal or at the very least learn from the masters of the Craft. A winner or not, you’ll never walk out of an Architectural Competition empty-handed, that’s for sure! So, are you eager for some challenge? Then we present you top 5 Architectural Competitions of 2018:

1) Art Prison
Architectural Competition Art Prison

Registration Deadline:  Sunday, Apr 8, 2018

Submission Deadline:  Wednesday, Apr 11, 2018


1st – 10.000 €

2nd – 4.000 €

3rd – 2.000 €

4 GOLD MENTIONS 1.000  € each



Are you fascinated by solitude? Journey to an abandoned Mediterranean island fortress-prison Santa Caterina and refurbish this tourist attraction. Turn a grim and ever vigilant bastion into a jewel of modern Architectural Design!

2) The Museum of Language, London
Architectural Competition The Museum of Language

Registration Deadline:  Sunday, Apr 29, 2018

Submission Deadline:  Monday, Apr 30, 2018


First – INR 1,00,000/- + Certificate

Second – INR 60,000/- + Certificate

Third – INR 40,000/- + Certificate

10 Honorable mentions

Modern day languages have developed for hundreds of years. This competition pays homage to arguably the most important cultural element of our society in form of a Design project – The Museum of Language.

3) Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) 2018 Melbourne, Australia: Energy Overlays
Architectural Competition Land Art Generator Initiative

Register/Submit Deadline:  Sunday, May 6, 2018


1st – $16,000 USD

2nd – $5,000 USD

This one if for all green nuts out there – how would you make a whole city sustainable? Can you implement clean energy infrastructure in Melbourne? Make the world a cleaner place in this Competition!

4) 3rd Edition of the International BIM Contest
International BIM Contest Architectural Competition

Registration Deadline:  Sunday, Feb 18, 2018

Submission Deadline:  Saturday, Mar 17, 2018


1st – 10,000€

2nd – 5,000€

3rd – 2,500.

The 2018 BIM Competition asks applicants to reflect on the creation of a grammar school for 500 students in the city of Suresnes. Applicants should design the digital model including one or more buildings that will be located within an existing cluster.

5) Marstopia
Marstopia Architectural Competition

Register/Submit Deadline:  Sunday, Mar 11, 2018


Winner: £2000 and Sponsorship courtesy of Mars City Design TM to attend an exclusive 10-day workshop and space-architecture mentorship programme in Los Angeles, valued at $3,000 per person. Workshop scheduled for August 2018. (Please Note: Exact dates of workshop to be confirmed. Sponsorship does not include travel to and from LA and hospitality.)

Runner-Up: £400

6x Honourable Mentions: no cash but lots of glory!

People’s Choice Award (selected by general public voting online): £100

if you want to contribute to Mars Colonisation Program, this is your chance! Engage in a creative discussion about possible Martian Architecture and generate visions of the future of mankind beyond Earth.

And since the Competition will be stiff, you’ll need the best tools available. Want to add “nukes” to your creative arsenal before joining contests? We’ll provide you with gorgeous Photorealistic Visualizations with our 3D rendering services. CGI Renders will really show them, what you’re capable of!

Present your architectural project like a work of art with AI-powered CGI

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