Outsource architectural visualization helps Architects and Developers reach understanding with clients as well as get perfect advertising and marketing materials. That is why many Specialists in the field are already using CGI technology. But few Architects and Developers know the whole range of 3D materials that a professional architectural rendering company can provide, and which business benefits they can bring.

Which means that the Professionals are missing on amazing opportunities to optimize their workflow. We decided to fill this gap and to share knowledge about the most useful outsource architectural visualization materials — so that our readers can use them for their next projects.

#1. Grayscale 3D Renders

Grayscale 3D Rendering of a Shop Interior Design

It is essential that the Architect and real estate owners agree about the basics of design before discussing other things like color schemes and lighting scenarios. The fundamentals include shapes and sizes of architectural elements and the relative position of objects in the space. To get a clear understanding of these points, the homeowners should see the whole picture without any distractions.

Grayscale 3D renders can assist with it. These are renderings that show ready interiors and exteriors without textures and lighting applied. With such CG visuals, the viewers can concentrate on the skeleton of the project. To provide the viewers with a fuller picture, the specialist can ask outsource architectural visualization studio to prepare grayscale renders with a 360 view. These materials will help clients to make their decision about the basics and proceed to the next phase.

#2. Furniture and Decor 3D Models Selection

3D Rendering of a Stylish Bedroom Design

House owners want to see all the furniture and decor pieces that the Architect picked for their dwelling — in photoreal quality and in context. They need it to understand if these items fit their apartment, so it’s in the Specialist’s best interest to provide them this information before the project implementation starts. And that’s where outsource architectural visualization services can help. A professional CGI studio can provide an Architect with a set of photoreal 3D images that show the dwelling in question with different furniture and decor items. These visuals will help homeowners to decide if they like the general picture or want to change something.

To get such 3D images, the Specialist should ask if the studio has 3D models of the required items in its database. If yes, the outsource 3D Artists will just put those models into the renders showing the property. If there are no required brands in the library or the Specialist needs to show some custom pieces — no problem, the CGI company will create photoreal 3D models from scratch. To get the latter, it is needed to specify the dimensions and textures of the items and send this information to an outsource 3D visualization company.

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#3. Different Design Schemes

3D Rendering of an Interior Design in Light Colors

It happens that the residence owner is not sure which architectural solutions, colors or materials they prefer. They may hesitate about whether to choose mosaic or tiled walls for the bathroom, or which color scheme to choose for the room. But to understand clearly the specifics of each option, the house owner needs to see them.

That’s where outsource 3D architectural rendering comes in handy. With CGI services, the Architecture specialist can get several sets of photoreal images presenting the dwelling design variations. This way, the homeowners will be able to make up their minds easily and decide what suits them best.

#4. Final 3D Architectural Visualization

3D Rendering of a Two-Storey Brick House

As soon as the homeowners have approved the layout, style, furniture, and made all necessary adjustments to the project, it is time to present property owners the final result. For this, it is necessary to ask the outsource architectural visualization company to create photoreal 3D renderings. These visuals will showcase the future exterior or interior in full detail, with textures and lighting, letting the viewers examine each element thoroughly and see the whole picture clearly.

For a better understanding, it’s a wise move to get a 360 walkthrough. It is a virtual tour through the property in which the viewers can choose where to go and what to see. Using a mouse or touchpad, a person can change the point of view and zoom objects to explore the space.

#5. Photoreal CG Animation

If there is a need to present the project in the highest detail possible, and to convey the unique mood and atmosphere of the location, the best solution would be to opt for a 3D animation. It is a digital video showing the future project in motion and in photorealistic quality. With a 3D animation, the viewers get a life-like experience and can easily get the feel of the space.

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Outsource architectural visualization allows the Architects and their clients to speak the same language — the visual one. Photoreal CGI makes it possible to examine the basics of the design with gray 3D renders, to see the chosen decor and furniture pieces in context, and to select among different architectural solutions, materials, and colors. What is more, 3D visualization allows to explore the property using a virtual tour and to see the project in motion in a 3D animation.

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