Video marketing for architects is an ultra-useful tool that can boost the client base and help get new fantastic projects. To make sure about that, one should just take a look at these stats. A whopping 93% of business owners say that they got a new client thanks to a video. Also, 72% of customers prefer learning about services through this type of content. 

Videos increase brand awareness as people repost them on social media more often than any other visual content. Furthermore, promotional films help uncover the brand voice, show its unique style and vision. Definitely, the popularity of video marketing is only going to grow, as it helps foster trust with potential clients.

Sounds amazing! But how exactly can a professional in such a specific area as architecture make use of this tool? We have the answers! Our architectural visualization company created a list of 6 tips that will help architects attract new clients with video marketing. Read on!

#1. Vlog about Daily Workflow

An Architect Filming a Video on a Site

Source: 30X40 Design Workshop

People are used to seeing fancy videos of finished projects on architecture firms’ websites and social media. Such materials showcase the smart and beautiful design solutions in full splendor. These promo films are aimed at stunning the audience, and they surely do. However, there can be much more to video marketing for architects.

On the way to the project completion, every architecture professional daily faces a work routine that stays behind the scenes. But the truth is that showing these inner workings can be highly engaging for the audience. For example, it would bring lots of insights for those interested in architectural design and construction. These can be people either planning on renovating their homes, seeking inspiration for designing business premises, or else. Whatever their purpose is, they will learn a lot from seeing a professional architect’s workflow and creative process. 

So, it’s a good idea to film daily ten-minute vlog entries about creating architectural designs and upload them on a firm’s YouTube or Facebook profile. This way, followers will see an architects’ skills in action, which will help to build trust with them. Later on, these viewers might become clients, as they already know they’ll get quality services from this professional. That’s why architects should make vlogging a part of their video marketing strategy.

#2. Use Insta Stories

Instagram Stories Used in Video Marketing for Architects

Source: Foster and Partners

Today, a lot of architects use Instagram for business. Only a few years ago this platform could help them grow an audience fast and without much effort through consistent posting. But the trends change, and in 2021, returns on Instagram are diminishing for most firms. That’s because users’ attention on Insta shifts quickly, and they are losing interest in their feed due to the information overload. However, there’s a feature of the app that can still be advantageous for video marketing for architects: Instagram Stories. They are watched by 59% of millennials and 70% of generation Z and their popularity is growing. So, what can architects share in Stories to achieve their video marketing goals?

First of all, Stories on Instagram should be really short and entertaining to keep viewers’ attention. For example, those can be brief reports highlighting the most interesting moments of the architect’s working day. Also, it’s good to film a pithy and catchy video self-introduction to show a specialist’s expertise and vision. It’s wise to keep posting it once in a while for new followers. Quick guides are a good video marketing tool as well. For example, a short guide to working with an architect will be appreciated by the audience.

#3. Show Future Results of Work in a 3D Animation

Source: ArchiCGI studio

The public loves to see before and after compilations of renovation and construction works. However, waiting for a project to be finished and filmed might take too long. Is there any way to get such kind of content for video marketing for architects faster? Luckily, 3D animation can be the key to solving this problem. 

Professional 3D artists can digitally visualize the expected results of projects that are only at the design or construction stage. Future buildings can look absolutely life-like in a digital 3D video. And there are tons of possible scenarios for such an animation. It can show a building in any setting and from any angle, so there are no limits to creativity here. 

To get such an asset, architects only need to provide drawings and sketches of the design to a CGI studio. Then, CG artists will use these materials to recreate a building in a photorealistic architectural animation. Undoubtedly, followers and website visitors will be excited to see a life-like video of a house that doesn’t exist in reality yet.

Immerse clients into your design projects with a 3D animation

#4. Film Client Testimonials

Video Testimonials of Architects’ Clients

Source: Hearthside Homes KC

Client-generated content is highly useful in video marketing for architects. For example, it can be a quick and fun tour of the former client’s newly built or renovated home. Such video testimonials are the best proof of quality of an architecture professional’s work. And plus to that, they are a powerful lead-generating tool. Because when people see how the architect helped others, they do not hesitate to trust their own projects into his or her hands. 

How to make such videos the most effective? It’s good to ask people interviewed to share their emotions about the architectural project outcome. An architect can do it at high points of their journey, like when they first see their absolutely finished home. Or, 6 months later when they get used to living there. It’s reasonable to ask how their new life is different now and if they’d recommend going through the same experience to other people. Such content will boost video marketing results, as genuine positive emotions and experiences of others always work well for attracting new clients.

#5. Go Live

Live Streaming at an Architectural Photoshoot

Source: 30X40 Design Workshop reports that users watch live videos 1.8x times longer than regular ones. The reason for that is the interactive nature of the former. In the course of a live stream, viewers they can participate in discussions, ask questions directly, leave reactions and connect with the speaker. So, in 2021, more and more business owners will be experimenting with this video marketing practice. And architects are no exception. 

Live streams are a good opportunity to inspire and motivate people by sharing valuable information. If done right, live videos and webinars can turn passive social media followers into architects’ clients. For instance, holding a live questions and answers session on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter will raise people’s interest in an expert’s services. That’s because in the course of a live stream he or she will get closer to the prospects and showcase his or her personality and knowledge.

Besides making the already mentioned Q&As, architects can stream live industry events, make project presentations, interviews with other well-known professionals in the field, show master classes, organize workshops, and more.

#6. Make Videos Emotional and Helpful

An Architect Filming an Educational Video

Source: Jorge Fontan

The list of tips about video marketing for architects wouldn’t be complete without this one. Emotions drive people, and it’s vital to take them into account when creating promotional materials. So, before making a film for video marketing purposes, it’s wise to think about customers’ pain points and create a scenario based on them. If it’s a live event and there’s no fixed script, it’s still good to think in advance about how to use those points in the course of a stream. 

Also, architects should define what exact emotions they want to evoke in their audience. Often, it is a feeling of gratitude for getting problems solved and receiving useful advice. To make the audience feel this way, it’s necessary to understand who a video is targeted at. For example, in a promo film about designing a cottage for a big family, an architect can tell how to create a perfect layout that would meet the needs of each resident. The viewers who look for such information will definitely appreciate helpful recommendations.

Video marketing helps architects engage with their audience, showcase their skills, and attract new clients. And to make the most of it, one should use a few simple tips. It’s good to film vlogs for YouTube and pay special attention to the Stories on Instagram. Showing the expected project results in a 3D animation can also hold the public’s interest. Client testimonials will serve as a surefire proof of the architect’s proficiency, and holding live events will bring the professional closer to the audience. And, finally, adding emotions and useful advice to videos will ensure that all the above will work as well as expected.

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