3D Imagery for a Stylish Turquoise Sofa

CGI photography is a revolutionary approach to the world of imagery for product manufacturers. It applies to design industry and is a leading tool for creating catalogues, web content and marketing media. Unsurprisingly, leading world’s companies that sell goods of mass production are already using 3D. Ikea, for instance, replaces traditional photography with CGI for over 50 percent of its catalogue.

Oftentimes, manufacturers might have a promising product that awaits its finest hour. But given poorly planned promotional strategy, curious consumers are not aware of their unique selling proposition. Their items are not bestselling because clients don’t visit the store, forcing salesman to panic as it falls short of customers’ shopping expectations. As a result, selling rates are gradually dropping to the point of no return. And so do the hopes for the future of store’s prosperity. Sounds familiar?

The state of sinking ship is not uncommon for manufacturers. But what if there’s a real rescue from inevitable business headaches? 3D rendering company is the answer to all problems – it offers services for a rapid advancement of promotional material. It also assists in increasing customer attention to the product with CGI photography.

So what advantages exactly does CGI photography bring to a manufacturing business? Let’s take a look.

#1. CGI Imagery Shows The Final Product Before Production

3D Photography for an Elegant Leather Chair Design

CGI photography eases the task of planning and envisioning merchandise significantly. That is, manufacturers don’t have to simply imagine the item and put production at risk in case prototyping fails to translate the idea. With CGI imagery, they can analyze design properties of items and play with textures, sizes, colors and material. They can also take their time to compare dozens of digital versions and choose the best ones for production. This way, risks are minimized and production stage starts much faster.

#2. CGI Photography is Perfect for Showing Multiple POV’s

3D Photoshoot for a Neutral Streamlined Bed Design

Consumers seek unforgettable shopping experiences with visual guidance, and most manufacturers know it. But apart from that, they want to see all product views available to scrutinize the item. Obviously, general view images will never catch the eye, at least of those who want to take the real value from the merchandise. So what can manufacturers do to intensify customers’ positive impression from the item? CGI photography enables to present merchandise in a shop’s website from the most suitable angles, with proper lighting and high-quality resolution. Just let shoppers admire the offer by displaying group imagery with 360 degree views so that they could take a closer look and evaluate item’s benefits at most.

#3. 3D Imagery Enhances the Depth of Items