This online 3D render for bedroom design looks very comfortable and spacious. The recurring theme of the interior project is the contrast between solid brown wood and cozy softness of sandy wallpaper. These textures and colors are united by the carpet, as its print contains both. In a way, this carpet brings the space together.

Overall, this bedroom design on the render is very symmetrical. The gorgeous bed, looking like a piece of art, is the focal point. That is, around it, all other elements are placed in an almost perfect symmetry.

As well as that, one might notice that the predominant shape of the design is rectangle. It is repeated in the shape of the mirror, wallpaper print, built-in wardrobe and even the door frame.

On both sides of the bed, we have two different zones. On its left, we can see some free space with an abstract decorative element. Its chocolate brown color and golden decoration add a note of ultramodern and chic to the style of the bedroom render.

On its right, a “beauty zone” begins. It contains a wall-mounted dressing table with a mirror and the door leading to the bathroom. As you can see, everything is thought out! This way, the lady can have everything she needs for beauty within a hand’s reach. That factor, plus the proximity of the bathroom, creates a very special sense of privacy. As a result, the render transmits a very homely and casual atmosphere.

Two hanging lampshades sort of frame the bed composition. The lighting system is very sophisticated. It has two layers – local and general. Together, they create a softly flowing light effect. This helps to create a serene and calm atmosphere, which is perfect for a bedroom.

To add to it, another practical touch – a built-in wardrobe. It obviously is spacious and saves a lot of space!

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