Architectural Visualization Project is the key to the successful outcome of the presentation. It immerses the client into the dream of the Architect, makes him see the project through his eyes. 3D Visualization is a mirror that communicates all the wonderful advantages of the concept to the target audience and proves everything that the Speaker says, – even though the Architectural masterpiece doesn’t exist yet.

Which is why Architects rely on 3D Visualization so much these days. Its creation, however, can be quite stressful. While it is possible to control other parts of project preparation – write the text of the speech, try it out on colleagues and relatives, rehearse the smallest gestures in front of a mirror, – no one knows what he will get from the 3D Rendering firm at the end. The Architect is therefore under a lot of pressure. There is a lot of stress going on, and it inevitably shows up in the presentation. The clients feel this lack of confidence and interpret it as doubts in the Architectural product.

Will the 3D Visualization measure up to the expectations? Will it be good enough to impress the client and present the Architectural project to its best? And ready on time for the presentation? Unfortunately, things happen. Sometimes, 3D artists fail to deliver the project on time, or the quality is frankly disappointing.

However, it doesn’t have to be so.There are three ways to avoid the stress and feel confident about the project completion: find a reliable Rendering company, which has proven the quality of services, work in cooperation with the 3D Artist and learn the timeframes for each type of 3D Rendering.

Moreover, there are situations when the Architectural Visualization project is urgent. That induces a lot of anxiety. Where to find a reliable outsource render company? Is it possible to deliver the project? In this case, ArchiCGI is glad to help you. We are perfectly capable to deliver good results under such conditions – owing to our special workflow and a large team of experienced 3D Artists.

To get the most out of a project, turn it into a shiny perfection looking like a dream come true, Architect needs to work in close cooperation with the 3D Artist. Want to avoid all trouble and additional expenses of corrections and modifications? Prefer to work without delays? The Architect can achieve this by writing out a clear Technical Assignment for the Architectural Renders.

Bear in mind though that it’s always a good idea to check whether you and visualizer have the same understanding of the task. To insure that, try to look at the Technical Assignment -its content, materials, from the 3D Artist’s perspective. If something remains unclear, then by all means specify or correct it. Another step is to communicate with the 3D Artist to check whether  he’s got the right vision. If even after that, there are still doubts, it would be wise to set up certain checkpoints – an intermediate visualization, for instance.

Knowing exactly what to expect will also help to reduce the stress. It is therefore useful to know the timeframes for different types of projects. They mostly depend on the volume of work:

  • size of the room
  • amount of details
  • style (which kind of causes the previous)
  • necessity to model unique objects, such as furniture and decor

Here’s an estimate duration for each type of project you may encounter:

Architectural Visualization Project Typology – Interior Rendering

1 View, Small Room – 1-2 Days

Architectural Visualization Project: Loft Bedroom

As you can see, this charming bedroom is small- sized, and has got the minimum amount of furniture. Moderation, even a certain roughness are the main charm of the room. Textures and colors are what really makes the 3D Visualization look edgy and expressive – the sleek whiteness of a wall, raw appearance of the brick, warmth and coziness of the light wood, shiny coolness of the chrome lamp. And the contrast of a bold black-and-white pattern on the pillows, along with a navy blue against the white, adds the finishing touch to this exquisite Architectural Visualization Project.

3-4 Views, Ordinary Room – 3-4 Days

As you can see, the size of the room is much bigger, and it is divided into several functional zones. Since this is a studio kitchen, there is a lot of functional furniture – oven, the dining table, stove, fridge and some quite wonderful cabinetry. As well as that, to enliven the place, there sure are decor objects that make it look tasty. All those delicate flowers, champagne, cutlery and crockery make the Kitchen project so much more real. A charming element – the book with  a cup of tea and cookie – tells the viewer how much fun he will have in the space.

Naturally, there are a few views, each requiring a lot of work. And here’s an example of what a close cooperation between the 3D Artist and Designer can give – the kitchen on the Architectural Visualization Project looks like a place of a book.

Large Living Room – 3-5 Days

Architectural Visualization Project: Photoreal Living Room

The living room on the 3D Visualization is gorgeous. And to translate this gorgeousness into a perfect Image, the 3D artist needed to work on all the opulent and luxurious details you see: marvelous moldings, elaborate  details on the sofas, cabinets and the coffee table. Decorative elements are everywhere: on the walls, curtains, doors, cabinets, and the fireplace. And let’s not forget about the space. The surface itself adds up to the work of 3D Artists on the project. But look at the result! It is breathtaking: the 3D Rendering looks both realistic, appealing and conveys the message designer wanted to send.

Commercial Project – 3-15 Days

Architectural Visualization Project: Commercial Interior

Commercial projects are usually larger in scale. They need multiple views, careful detailing and lengthy post-production. Like this 3D Rendering of a Restaurant Interior Design, for instance. As a result, the client has got Architectural Visualization Project showcasing all the advantages of the restaurant design – its functional features, as well as the unique style, and an incredible atmosphere of creativity and refinement.

Make sure your exterior design project takes your clients’ breath away

Exterior Rendering

Small Building, 1 View – 1-2 Days

Architectural Visualization Project Showcased with Exterior Rendering

This elegant miniature building took 2 days of work. The duration included post-production time, which helped create an appealing atmosphere of lightness and freedom.

Standard House – 2-4 Days

Architectural Visualization Project for a Standard House

Such houses require more work and time – the surface is bigger, and therefore, there are more details. Besides, oftentimes the Architect needs multiple Day and Night Views, which require separate work each. And of course, the character of the project requires the right environment – surrounding buildings, opulent vegetation, cars, lots of happy inhabitants and just admiring passers-by.

Skyscraper – 3-15 Days

Creation of such a gem certainly takes some time! To begin with, there’s an obvious reason – the sheer size of the building on this Architectural Visualization Project. To add to this, skyscrapers are usually ordered in Night View – this is when they look best. Night View Visualization needs more work – on lighting, for instance. Up to 15 days is just the amount of time one needs to create an appealing image, that will produce a long-lasting impression.

City – From 15 Days

Architectural Visualization Project: City Complex

To create a city, 3D Artist needs to model a whole complex of unique buildings – obviously, the library of models won’t do for such a project. Moreover, the complex needs to be as cohesive as it is unique. The buildings should form an ensemble. As you can see, the cafe coloring looks well set against the surrounding houses. Furthermore, the height is chosen perfectly – it doesn’t overshadow the buildings around and looks homey.

As you can see, though no one can predict the exact outcome of the project, it is totally possible to influence things by specifying all the details of the task in a Technical Assignment, setting the realistic time and finding an honest and professional 3D Rendering services. ArchiCGI company can guarantee all of the above. We know how to make projects that win over the audience and convince the investors. Just send us the materials of your project through our website, Contact page.

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