Artistic Three-Dimensional Rendering For A Creative Childroom Design

Three-dimensional rendering is no longer a mere way to transmit the information digitally but a form of art. High-quality renders look just as realistic as the photos themselves. Moreover, they convey the atmosphere, tell stories and evoke emotions. Which is why Architects and Interior Designers use Architectural Rendering for their project presentations. But how comes that 3D renderings can be so impactful, appealing and accurate? Let’s learn 5 main tools using which 3D Artists create photorealistic images and breath life into the accuracy of a 3D rendering.

Three-Dimensional Rendering As A Form Of Art: 5 Means For Creating A Convincing Picture

#1. Composition A: Perspective

Choice of perspective is crucial for a successful Three-Dimensional Visualization. The thing is, it allows to showcase the best features of the Interior and Exterior Design. Each perspective highlights a feature of the project that the audience could not appreciate otherwise.

For Interior Design Three-Dimensional Renderings, 3D Artists usually use one-point perspectives:

He uses these types of perspective for Exterior three-dimensional renderings as well, plus a two-point perspective:

Exterior Design Three-Dimensional Rendering: Two-Point Landing

#2.Composition Part 2: Rule Of Thirds In A Three-Dimensional Rendering

To get an impactful rendering, 3D Artist uses the rule of Thirds. This allows him to:

  • achieve balance
  • highlight all the right parts of the interior and exterior designs
  • create the needed symmetry
  • evoke a feeling of comfort

According to the Rule of Thirds, the three-dimensional rendering is divided into 9 equal parts by 4 lines, 2 going across and 2 – down.This way, 3D Artist gets nine squares of focus. He places the most important parts of composition along those lines and near their intersection points. So the nearer the object is to the intersection, the more attention it attracts.

Stylish Hotel Interior Three-Dimensional Rendering Divided Into Parts

The Architectural three-dimensional rendering above is a great example of how much this rule affects the beauty of an image. Look how the elements are placed along the grid.

Between The Lines Of A Three-Dimensional Rendering

Along vertical lines are situated a window and the doorframe which make the ceiling look higher.  The horizontal ones mark the division between the plans – the rear, middle and front. So along them, the 3D Artist places the physical objects that serve as borders – the top lines of the sofa and TV.

The Heart Of Composition

In the center of the rendering, we see a TV, a bouquet of white tulips and a sofa. The position of TV and its reflective service give additional depth to the image. It reflects the room, with its black luxurious marble and splendid chandeliers, thus creating a feeling of additional space.

The bouquet is both beautiful and functional. Elegant and fresh, flowers attract the eye and anchor the viewer in the real space. They outbalance the virtual corridor on the other side of the room and contribute to the feeling of symmetry and comfort.

In The Spotlight

What are the most eye-catching items in the three-dimensional rendering? That’s right – two purple chairs. For they are situated in the most conspicuous positions – at the intersections of the lines. It’s a perfect place for a color accent, so their noble washed-out coloring stands out from the black-and-navy surroundings.

That was the example of the Interior Design Renderings. Now observe how the Rule Of Thirds works for the Exterior Architectural Rendering.

Impactful Three-Dimensional Rendering For A Four-Story House With An Attic

Photoreal Three-Dimensional Rendering For A Stunning House Exterior From Above

Different views, different angles. And using The Rule Of Thirds, the 3D Artist created different accents.

#3. Lighting For A Photorealistic  Three-Dimensional Rendering

Photorealistic Three-Dimensional Rendering With A Sunlit Part Of Bedroom

Dramatic Three-Dimensional Interior Rendering In Black And Red In The Evening