Turning to 3D Models Stocks or Ordering Custom 3D Models: pros and cons

3D models stocks are a brand new phenomenon. How did they appear? With the increase of popularity of 3D models, it became obvious how beneficial they are. Not only can 3D be used in an enormous number of industries, such as vehicles production, real estate, games and so on. One model can be used for multiple purposes. For instance, after presentation – in advertising campaign. Sometimes, because of our specific business goals, we need the models to be exclusive and unique on the market. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter much. That implies that certain particularly good or cheap models can be sold to a few different clients without them even knowing or caring about it. That is why 3D models stocks appeared.

It is fast and rather cheap to buy a ready-made 3D model there. Unless specified otherwise by the stock policy, the model can be sold to multiple clients, and you can download it right after the payment takes place. It can be especially relevant if you are short on time and ready to do all corrections needed, for you buy a ready-made product. With a custom-made 3D model, for instance, the situation is quite different. It is specifically designed to meet your project’s needs, in strict accordance with the Technical Assignment you specified.

As well as that, 3D rendering companies can work with ready models too. If time is of essence and exclusivity is not an issue, it’s so much easier and faster to use ready models. For instance, clients of ArchiCGI rendering company have access to a free library of over 40 000 3D models, and we work with the ones our clients bought on a 3D models stock. This way, we work with the ready models, as well as create unique ones for the client’s project’s success.

Depending on your goals – whether you need a 3D model for animation, games, static imagery, or numerical control,- you will need different types of 3D models.

Need to learn more about how to choose the right one for your business? Read more about types of 3D models.

To make your task easier, we’ve prepared for you the description of 5 market leaders in the industry. Even though they are competitors, there are some differences in their prices, product range and the level of the quality responsibility. Read on to examine your options.

3D Models Stocks – Options

Let’s have a look at the most prominent 3D marketplaces today.

3D Models Stocks – Indutry Giant: Turbosquid3D Models Stocks or Custom 3D Models - Choosing Well: Turbosquid

The company’s headquarter is situated in New Orleans, in the United States. It appeared as a result of the merger of two companies – 3dBay and iPublish.

Types of Models and Industries

Turbosquid offers 3D models of many types: cars, characters and anatomy, vehicles, animals, landscapes, technology, architecture, furniture.

3D models are available with the following extensions: .max, .ma/mb, .obj, .3ds, .c4d, .lwo, .xsi, .fbx