3D commercial renderings have significantly enhanced architects’ productivity: they bring building plans and design ideas to life long before construction starts. Resulting photorealistic renditions of architectural projects are useful not only as tools for further development, but as marketing and investor-attracting materials as well. But there are many types of architects, and each of them has different goals. How exactly architectural 3D visualization can help them individually? To answer that question, we’ve gathered a few of ArchiCGI’s 3D commercial renderings for various architects, and we’ll explain how every one of them benefited the client. Join us as we explore unique ways 3D renderings boost different commercial architect’s goals!

#1. Commercial Architects

3D Commercial Rendering of an Office Building

A commercial building must not only look appealing, but also be functional and well-optimized for visitors. Standards vary for different types of buildings: office spaces need a different approach to malls or stores, but the gist is mostly the same. Visitors need to be able to easily navigate the future property and enjoy the experience of being there. Yes, even offices. 3D commercial renderings achieve this with precise calculations done automatically by the software to perfectly visualize the layout of a building – great for complex logistics. And on top of that, the renderings will look gorgeous, ready for advertising and investor pitching!

#2. Interior Designers

3D Commercial Rendering of a Restaurant Interior

Interiors are all about artistic creativity, where everything matters: the space and how it is used, the lighting and decor. Architects working in this field need to have vast knowledge of art as well as keep in touch with modern interior design trends. So, what can a creative 3D visualization studio do to turn their designs into beautiful 3D commercial renderings? First, 3D modelling and rendering software is capable of visualizing photorealistic light sources as well as different types of lighting, shadows and reflections. This would ensure that the atmosphere of an interior is perfectly demonstrated to any viewer. Secondly, material quality – it also contributes to look and feel of interior objects, and it can be perfectly represented with respective CGI programs. Wood, metal, glass, fabric, leather – everything is indistinguishable from the real things!

Take your design presentation to a new level with interior rendering

#3. Hospitality Architects

3D Commercial Rendering of a Large Hotel

Hospitality architects specialize in hotels. And what do such properties require? That’s right, attractiveness and comfort. Investors need to know for sure that the building will rope in crowds of clients. For this, one would commision 3D commercial renderings. Those 3D visualizations may include not only contextual decor, but also CG people. This would solidify the idea that buying or investing in a particular real estate project will yield desired results.

#4. Landscape Architects

3D Commercial Rendering of Landscape Design

Designing outdoor spaces is just as important as any other properties. Landscape architects work not only on parks or gardens, their line of work also includes campuses and even neighborhoods. To an outsider of CGI industry, working on projects that involve organic design and harmony may seem like not the best job for 3D commercial renderings, but nothing can be further from truth. 3D modelling and rendering software can accurately visualize all kinds of plants and help specialists seamlessly integrate man-made constructs in the scenery. It’s also worth noting that nature is about variety, and 3D artists can visualize locations during different times of day, or year. This gives a new dimension specialists can exploit – an outdoor place can be made to look differently, unraveling as time moves on.

#5. Urban Designers

3D Rendering of an Urban Planning Project

Speaking of outdoor spaces, urban designers work on neighbourhood, town and city planning. 3D commercial renderings can help these specialists visualize complex logistical projects, allowing precise road and sidewalk planning as well as animating traffic projections. But what about visual quality? Investors need to know that the project will pay off from the first glance, without looking at plans. That can be easily achieved with photorealistic gorgeous CGI. Such visuals would be more than enough to persuade most skeptics concerned with returns, and 3D animation and VR will seal the deal.

Present your architectural project like a work of art with AI-powered CGI

CGI has a lot to make Architects more successful. 3D commercial renderings allow to bring their ideas to life to gain investments and clients before construction starts. 3D visualizations can serve different purposes, depending on what a particular specialist needs. And, of course, CGI can look beautiful and photorealistic, convincing any viewer that it is depicting a real thing.Do you want to achieve your creative and commercial goals easily? Present your projects with our 3D visualization services!

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