Architects are excellent at creation of spectacular innovative designs. However, sales area often isn’t the the strongest of their skills. Unfortunately, this prevents Architects from presenting their projects right. For despite all the efforts, presentations can fail, and the audience – miss on all the wonderful features of the Architectural Design presented.

All that because Universities don’t teach Architects that a good presentation is 50% of success. As a result, they place the outcome of the project on sheer luck. While a true effective presentation is a skill, based on the findings of marketing, negotiation theory and, of course, psychology.

But what if there were a simple recipe for a perfect selling Architectural Design Presentation? A scenario that makes the projects reach the audience, help concepts to be appreciated at their true value and get the contracts signed?

There is a secret indeed. And it is easy: stop seeing the design presentation as demonstration of an object for construction. Instead, talk about the idea behind the concept.

Still not convinced? Discover the reasons for which the shift of focus is the only right approach.

Architectural Design Presentation: Why Selling The Idea

To achieve the goals, there’s something Architects should absolutely know about how the audience perceives the presentation. Take a look at the following:

#1. Clients Buy a Lifestyle, Not a Product

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That is, customers seek to know what their life would be like after the purchase. How all the guests will be complimenting them on the beautiful house, and how charming and cozy the child room will look, how functional will be the kitchen studio. Look at the Apple brand, for instance. Company sells not only the high-quality gadgets, but a style of life that Apple consumers obtain using the product.

#2. Customers Are Afraid of Difficulties

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Clients don’t like complications and waiting in general. They fear and avoid them subconsciously – which is perfectly reasonable, if you think of that. Certainly, Architects can talk about the construction at Architectural Design Presentations. In fact, they should, – but only when the customers see the idea behind the project. Even better – when they’re in love with it.

#3. Customers Are Interested in Benefits, Not in Technical Features

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During presentation, Architects often focus upon subtle technical features of the design. Though they might delight fellow specialists, customers often get bored. What the audience would love to learn are the benefits of the given architectural project. Describe in detail how trendy the solution will look at the parties, and how the family will still be spending time together while doing different things in different areas. The audience should see themselves living there and benefiting personally from every single feature you present.

#4. The Audience Is Susceptible To Framing Effect

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From the point of view of marketing, architectural design is an offer, while idea is the packaging.  And the truth is, people perceive the product differently depending on the way it is packed. A phenomenon called framing effect shapes the customer’s perception of any object for sale. It operates subconsciously, so consumers don’t know why they prefer this or that product, though technically the goods have the same characteristics.

This is why major companies invest millions into creation and testing of new product packaging designs, and the restaurants compete in elegance of service and create elaborate metaphoric names for the dishes. And the same principle applies to an Architectural Design Presentation. Show the audience a beautiful idea of the concept, its benefits and the future possibilities it holds, – and the clients will be impressed.

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This way, concept ideas are more appealing to customers than objects with a range of features. But then, another question rises: how can one turn a building project into idea? The product which doesn’t even exist yet.

Actually, there is a range of effective solutions provided by 3D Visualization services that really work. Use them separately or in any combination to make the ideas look real.

3D Solutions for a Powerful Architectural Design Presentation

Architectural Visualization

It is a high quality illustration of a building design. It’s an impactful advertising image conveying all technical features of the architectural design, and placing the object in the most flattering environment. There are different styles of Architectural Visualization that help to achieve different effect. For purposes of a design presentation, photoreal style is probably the best. But specialists take care of all that, so you needn’t worry about thinking everything out. Just come up with a comprehensive Technical Assignment – and concentrate on what you love doing. Follow the link to discover how much time takes an Architectural project.

Virtual 3D Tours and 3D Animations

These solutions allow the client not only to see design, but to go on a tour around the project. Both Virtual Tours and 3D Animations are highly impactful options designed to impress and provide the customer with high-level detail.

Virtual Reality

VR is a state-of-the-art 3D solution that produces the most powerful effect. VR lets the client see the Architectural design as if in real life and to get inside it. It turns presentation into an experience that is really close to the reality. In fact, it no longer is a presentation but a tour into a dream, a true immersive experience. One more plus: when using VR headset, customer cannot be distracted, which often happens on the 5th minute of a traditional presentation. It’s impossible to wonder what sort of dinner you will have today or what weather will be like tomorrow when walking inside a true virtual world, looking at the most spectacular architectural design you’ve ever seen. This will definitely leave a long-lasting impact!

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To add to that, there is another task 3D visualization solutions cover: they advertise the design. The thing is, Architects often have hard time learning to talk like a salesman. They are often men of deeds and facts, not words. Good news is that 3D solutions take care of 50% of advertising part at least. For it’s better to see something once than to hear about it a hundred times.

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As you can see, the success of an Architectural Design presentation is a totally achievable goal. To nail it, Architect needs to follow some basic rules and use the most effective means possible. For high-quality 3D Visualization services, contact ArchiCGI Rendering company. We’ll create solutions that’ll convey the unique story of your project!

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