Product 3D rendering is used primarily for marketing purposes. It’s possible to produce masterpieces from mediocre ideas, and fail even the best designs. This begs the question – what makes or breaks product visualization success? Well, there is a handful of ways you can utilize high-quality 3D images, and we’ll be happy to share. Here are 5 ways of getting the most out of CGI from a rendering company!

Successful Product Rendering – 5 Tips

#1. Product 3D Rendering For Public Event Presentations

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Showcasing merchandise at large festivals or trade fairs is a great way to improve sales. Product 3D rendering is effective in creating exhibits for such occasions, for various reasons. Firstly, computer graphics are in vogue right now. Secondly, modern software is so advanced that it is possible to create images that are virtually indistinguishable from photos. And lastly, CGI versatility is nearly endless since it is possible to customise digitals objects without using any real props as well as creating multiple style, color or material variations.

#2. 3D Rendering as a Cheaper Alternative to Photography

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You have probably used high-quality photography before, and are aware of its pros and cons. Modern 3D rendering software, as was mentioned before, is capable of creating photorealistic images. Not just that, but it can be done much faster and, most importantly, cheaper. So if photoshoots really bite your wallet, remember : only a specialist can distinguish between furniture photography and product rendering, and that specialist would probably be CGI’s creator!

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#3. Interactive 3D Product Catalogs

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Another benefit of product 3D rendering is animation. Imagine that instead of seeing a picture, your client will witness multiple stylistic variations or will be able to mix and match elements of the design. That would definitely impress even the most skeptical customers!

#4. 3D Rendering for Commercial Artworks

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Product 3D rendering can be used not only to sell the promoted item, but also the image itself. Remember that renders can look virtually indistinguishable from photos? Well, some professional photos are worth tens of thousands of dollars – and there is little doubt that a photorealistic CG with similar quality will cost just as much. A better solution than hanging it on a wall in your office.

#5. Reusable Images for Marketing Campaigns

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Right now, it’s clear that product rendering is an extremely versatile solution. But one key advantage still wasn’t covered – CG can be reused later. In case with photography, having a lot of backup images is difficult due to possible stylistic or material changes is nearly impossible. 3D visualizations can be changed quickly and without any hassle, thus reusing them for later marketing campaigns is a viable solution. Probably the only stars that are not disposable.

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Of course, these are not all ways of turning a design into a star – but we wouldn’t spoil all possibilities. But by this point you should have a solid understanding of product 3D rendering, how it can be utilised and what it’s capable of. So the rest is up to you!  Want to have cool product catalogs? Get some great marketing tools of your own with professional product rendering services!

Irma Prus
Content Writer, Copywriter

Irma writes articles and marketing copy for ArchiCGI. Her dream is that more people discover the power of CGI for architecture. Irma is into neuromarketing, ruby chocolate and Doctor Who series.