You are sitting at your office desk, looking by the window at the landscape before. Here’s one more day you’ll spend not working on any new projects – because there aren’t none.  The old clients aren’t very active – the last you’ve heard of them was Thursday morning. They said they’d consider your offer, but would like to compare it with what other firms have. Still no news. You sigh, switch on the computer and realize yet one more time that next month you won’t be able to pay the rent for the office. Giving up to the inevitable, you open the Internet browser and start looking for a smaller office to move in.

Providing quality services at fair prices and yet not being able to find clients means that the firm doesn’t really know to reach out to them. The key to success is to know the techniques of Marketing Architectural Services online.

Internet is a common way to look for services nowadays. This is where most of the purchasing decisions are made. It is therefore crucial to know how to create an attractive image on the Internet and interact with your target audience. The heavyweights of architectural business know for sure how to generate customers on the Internet, and it keeps bringing them a stable flow of clients.

Marketing Architectural Services: 7 Crucial Steps

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1. Set Realistic Goals and Track their Achievement

When it comes to Marketing Architectural Services, you need to plan the growth thoroughly. Set up a clear goal and plan how you’re going to get there, period by period, with figures. Look at the current state of your social media accounts. Define the number of subscribers you need to get and plan the growth per month. Then, decide how often to update the page and with what type of content. As well as that, it is crucial to track the current performance from time to time. For instance, analyze the results of the Social Media campaign.

2. Create an Avatar of Your Ideal Customer

The ultimate goal of the Avatar is to predict the online behavior of the target customer. With that knowledge, you’ll form a clear idea of what your target customer wants, what language to adopt when communicating and where exactly it can be found on the Internet. In order to get that crucial knowledge, create a portrait. Remember the clients you’ve communicated with and write an entire story of life. It must include the following factors:

  • Name (Invented)
  • Profession
  • Income
  • Family situation, Friends, Communication
  • Brief biography (studies, career development): educational background, what the client excels at, possibly what he resents doing, what tasks he deals with every working day
  • Hobbies and Interests: what the ideal customer likes doing, where he spends his weekends
  • Personal goals
  • Life values

Based on this, you should deduce the answers to the following questions:

  • What exactly would the customer want to hear from you?
  • How does the ideal customer see your product?

A well-made avatar is like communication with a real client – a gold mine of valuable information on this behavior. It gives insights on how the customer makes the purchasing decision, what problems he has and where he looks for solutions. Upon the Avatar, depends the success of the whole marketing campaign.

3. Create a Lead-Magnet

Catch the interest of your audience. Give them for free something of value. For instance, a brief video course on how to choose an Architectural Firm. Or an invitation to a free event you organize – a conference or presentation that is interesting and useful to the client. The product shared must prove the expertise of the company and be of a real value. And in order to get it, the customer must leave his e-mail address – which is the final goal of the lead magnet stage. Once you have built a certain base, proceed to the next step of Marketing Architectural Services.

4. Tap into the Power of Social Media

When the avatar ready, it becomes obvious what are his favorite social networks – Facebook,  Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Houzz. Create an account with full information on your Architectural company and fill it with interesting and relevant content. The posts should be short, impactful and memorable. Set your posts apart with the Architectural Renderings of the project, panoramas, animations. This way, the posts get more shares, project – more recognition, page – more followers and finally the firm – more potential clients. Exposure on social media is an important way of Marketing Architectural Services!

5. Build Trust

One of the first questions the customer asks himself is whether he can trust you with his project. The solution to this problem lies in Marketing Architectural Services online. Here’s how one can prove the reliability of the brand:

  • Keep Your Social Media accounts active
  • Create an Impactful Portfolio on the company website. Make sure to include 3D Architectural Renderings of the best projects, and in sufficient quantity
  • Answer promptly all the comments and questions that visitors leave on your website
  • Showcase online all the rewards and certificates in your possession that prove your professionalism and quality standards
  • Ask clients to leave the comments and post them on the website

6. Use E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is an excellent and money-saving way of Marketing Architectural Services. Having built a certain base of contacts, start sending them letters. These letters should contain useful information and gently lead to a certain action. It can be a click on the link, a call, or filling out of a form.

7. Don’t Forget about Modern Technologies

Technologies give you a competitive edge. Based on the Avatar of your ideal client, understand what is the level of his or her technological mastery and what they expect to see on the website. Should it look business-like and high-tech, with lots of options, special effects? Or, maybe, emanate conservatism, be functional and basic. Website is a visit card of an Architectural Firm. Make sure it works for the purpose of Marketing Architectural Services of your company!

7 Tips on Successful Marketing Architectural Services View01

To sum up, Marketing Architectural Services is a real strategy that requires time, effort but generates tangible results. It consists of a range of specific goals that need time and money investment. However, these efforts are measurable and will lead the firm to new customers and an increased revenue. So, to achieve this, an Architecture firm needs to set the goals, have a functional and attractive website, create an Avatar, a Lead Magnet and work with contacts using the means of Email Marketing. It is equally important to build trust through a strong online presence, in Social Media in particular.

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May your Architectural business be prosperous, and the revenues – escalating!

Nataly Cher
Senior Social Media & Email Marketer

Nataly's ambitious nature and creativity play a key role in her ability to create engaging content and highly successful targeted campaigns. Outside of the office, Nataly indulges her love of photography and plays with her joyful Jack Russel terrier, Mario.