Residential rendering services help Designers to present traditional interior projects in all their splendor, making it easier to get them approved. And with the regular presentation means, like drawings and sketches, it is a challenge. A reason for this is that the classic style implies elaborate architectural and design solutions.

How does one explain the visual effect of complicated plasterwork on the walls with sketches? Or showcase the sophisticated beauty of Austrian shades using a moodboard? These materials do not convey the main thing — the aesthetic appeal of the classic style. Meanwhile, the owners of a residential property want the Designer to give them the most comprehensive understanding of how their home will look. Otherwise, they might prefer to go see what other Design specialists have to offer.

But with residential rendering services, it is possible to present the future project in full glory. Professional 3D Artists of an architectural visualization studio can create photoreal images that show how all the Designer’s solutions work. These pictures make for presentations that clients can easily understand, and thus appreciate all the beauty and comfort of the interior. As a result, the Designer won’t have to wait long for project approval. So, let’s learn how exactly CGI highlights all the benefits of traditional style and help the Design specialists sign deals.

#1. Residential rendering conveys the atmosphere

3D Visualization of a Cozy Living Room in a Traditional Style

The traditional design establishes an atmosphere of elegance and refinement — which sketches, moodboards, and references cannot convey. But with residential rendering services showing the luxurious atmosphere is a piece of cake. For 3D visualization will demonstrate the dwelling in photoreal quality. The real estate owners will see the whole place as well as every detail. They will be able to appreciate the beauty of typical elements of the classic design such as Queen Anna and Sheraton furniture, silk curtains, exclusive classic artworks, and so on.

What is more, 3D visualization allows including details that emphasize the chic lifestyle in this residential property — like decor elements, household items, food  & drinks. For instance, a living room rendering may show an haute cuisine dinner served with a bottle of vintage wine. This way, the audience will grasp the feel of the chic and coziness of the dwelling.

#2. CGI services allow for explaining architectural solutions

3D Visualization of a Room with Classic Design

Sumptuous and elaborate architectural solutions are the calling card of the traditional interior. These include columns, crown and wall moldings, multi-level ceilings, carved wooden overlays, and so on. They are costly and take a long time to be brought to life. So, homeowners want to see in advance how these architectural elements will look in their house.

With sketches and drawings, it is rather hard to understand the impact of these elements in the interior. References are more eloquent, but they show solutions applied to other apartments but not to the one in question. As a result, the Designer’s clients cannot imagine how exactly Roman columns and a three-level ceiling will look in their home. Are they really worth the cost and time? Won’t they regret them?

But with residential rendering services, an Architect can show how these solutions work in photoreal quality. This way, the homeowner will see those Roman columns in her living room and understand clearly if she likes them or not.

Take your design presentation to a new level with interior rendering

#3. Residential rendering showcases the beauty of rich materials

3D Visualization of a Luxury Classic Interior

Traditional style implies the usage of top-quality materials such as cashmere, silk, velvet, leather, crystal, gilding, marble, and so on. When presenting a project, the Designer should ensure that the client fully understands the visual impact of these luxury materials and see how they contribute to the chic visual appeal of the dwelling.

While trying to explain all this beauty to the audience, the Design specialist can show material samples and references. But these materials cannot showcase how exactly cashmere curtains or a silk Persian rug will look in reality.

This problem can be easily solved if the Designer opts for residential rendering services. A high-quality 3D render will show the homeowners how the chosen materials will work for their dwelling. The skilled 3D Artists will set textures in the 3D image so masterfully that it will be possible to practically experience the softness of that posh Persian rug.

What is more, the Designer can choose 3D models of real furniture brands from the library of the 3D rendering services studio. The 3D Artist will put those virtual models into the images, so the homeowners will be able to buy and use them — like with a ready shopping list.

#4. Residential rendering services help show the perfection of the symmetry

3D Visualization of a Posh Living Room with Classic Design

The traditional style implies symmetrical composition. This means that there is a main object, such as a massive fireplace or a dining table, surrounded by secondary elements which are placed at the same distance from the central one. These elements, like chairs or vases, are paired and look completely the same. It pleases the eye and creates a feeling of harmony.

How does one show the perfection of symmetry? With residential rendering services, it is easy. The photoreal imagery can show its visual effect and comfort in different views and angles, making words unnecessary.

#5. 3D rendering services help present light scenarios and color palette

3D Visualization of a Bedroom Created in Traditional Style

The lighting scenario for a classic interior implies using a large crystal or glass chandelier as a primary source of light and installing elegant lamps and candelabras for task and accent illumination. Colors should harmonize with this warm light, increasing the feeling of coziness in the room. That is why a typical color scheme for traditional style includes calm, rich, deep colors that perfectly match yellow spectrum lights.

But how to explain the impact of such delicate nuances to the owners of a residential property? The answer is to utilize 3D visualization services. This is the only tool that can help showcase the ideal combination of lights and colors in traditional design at its finest. With 3D visuals, the viewers will see how warm lighting works together with rich noble colors, making the place look so classy and homey.

Residential rendering services are indispensable for a Designer who creates classic interiors. For only 3D visuals can fully convey the splendid atmosphere of this style, explain the clients all architectural solutions, express the beauty of rich materials, and show the impact of the perfect symmetry. What is more, 3D visualization can show how lights and colors match, creating a warm mood in the house.

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