Top Hardware For 3D Modeling 2018

Finding the best workstation for 3D modeling is quite hard, and not because it is very expensive. Every year computer capabilities double, so what is considered good PC today becomes obsolete a few months later! However, to keep up with current 3D modeling software system requirements and squeeze out the best performance possible, the most powerful machine in the market will buy you a year or two without having to worry about lags and workstation sounding like a fighter jet taking off during work.

Being aware of top-tier software and hardware alike is a must for everyone who wants to have an advantage in competition, including any 3D rendering company. ArchiCGI is constantly on the lookout, and we would like to present the best computer setup for 3D modeling as for today, and the prices shown are true as of March 2018. So, to build your own forge of the Gods, you’ll need:

Best Workstation For 3D Modeling In 2018

#1. CPU: Intel i9-7980XE ($2,038.99)

Top Hardware For 3D Modeling 2018: CPU

First, the best workstation for 3D modeling and rendering needs a powerful “heart”. Intel i9 with its 4.40GHz of processing speed is a beast when it comes to complicated tasks like CAD or 3D rendering. It will ensure that it won’t take ages to render some 3D object!

#2. CPU Liquid Cooler: Corsair H115i ($137.44 as of March 2018)

Top Hardware For 3D Modeling 2018: CPU Cooler

If you don’t want CPU to form a supernova inside your house or office, it needs proper cooling. Air cooling is not enough for the best workstation for 3D modeling, and just like for high-end gaming PCs liquid cooling is a must. Corsair H115i is the most cost-effective option of all present in the company’s lineup, with its two fans and LCS getting the job done perfectly, no liquid nitrogen baths or leaving computer case open.

#3. RAM: Corsair Vengeance LED 64GB Quad Channel DDR4-3200 ($961.62)

Top Hardware For 3D Modeling 2018: RAM

Processor can provide speed, but a powerful workstation for 3D modeling needs a lot of operating power. The best RAM sticks available can provide 12 gigabytes of it, whi