All developers, home builders and general contractors know that building usually starts with project development and search for investors. Of course, big-scale ones require careful and detailed planning, which means spending considerable time and using professional expertise. However, real difficulties can start during your search for clients.

In most cases, investors have no expertise in architecture, and they cannot evaluate your project as professionals. It is hard to make them like the project at first sight if its general idea and potential are not properly shown. As a result, even a very prospective, interesting ones can go unnoticed. How can you make its presentation so easy and effective that potential investors will instantly like it?

All over the world, developers, home builders and general contractors create impressive presentations with the help of architectural visualization. This is how house rendering can help your business:

– House rendering allows showing the object to the client from different viewpoints and angles. It helps proving that your building is flawless no matter how you look at it, and makes the client sure of its quality.

– House 3D rendering helps showing many possible options for house design – different colors, materials, textures etc. It will certainly give your client more food for thought.

Exterior design rendering by ArchiCGI for elegant restaurant project

– Having a 3D presentation improves the communication with your investors. If you use high-quality 3D rendering services, you can spend significantly less time on explanations and persuasion. Instead, you can just show the client what you mean.

– House rendering allow making quick and painless changes during the approval. No one would be happy if the building has already started, but the investor suddenly wants to make changes. You can easily avoid this situation by discuss all details beforehand, using the 3D model as an example.

– 3D visualizations can be used later in your portfolio. You can also use house rendering for advertising – for example, in social media.

– Architectural rendering can even present your clients with a virtual tour, using 3D animation walkthrough. They will be able to see the house animation and interior visualization as if it’s already completed.

House rendering by ArchiCGI

Every developer’s main task is to make sure that the building process is well-organized and meets all requirements provided by the client. House renderings not only allow showing the strongest sides of your project, but also to beat your competitors and to attract the investors to it. Remember that an effective, confident presentation is 50 % of your success.

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