3D modeling is immensely popular with designers and architects, but which services should you choose for your unique design project? Today, 3D modeling services are provided by many studios, and while their offers may seem attractive, you should think twice before choosing the right fit for you. Working on design projects is always hard – the details of the project usually change, and not all of them can be reflected in the task assignment immediately. Moreover, task assignments themselves are not easy to create, and you still want to make sure that everything will be understood correctly, so that your time and effort are not spent for nothing.

Still, no matter how comprehensible your task assignment is, the end result can turn out different from what you expected to receive. First, the modeling services can simply miss the deadline due to an ineffective work process. Second, the portfolio presented on their website can look deceptively great – unlike their actual visualizations. Third, they may make multiple small errors during the realization of your project. Is it possible to prevent all these risks when you choose a studio of 3D modeling services for the first time? Here are 10 criteria you should take into account before trusting a new CGI company with your design project.

How to Choose 3D Modeling Services

3D rendering made by 3D modeling services
  1. Send the existing technical assignment to check whether the 3D visualizer will be able to work with it. The quality of 3D modeling service heavily depends on the correct understanding of the task that needs to be done.
  2. Ask for an example of the technical assignment. It will be easier for you and for the and 3D rendering service employees if you have a shared approach to work.
  3. Ask about the education of your 3D visualizer.
  4. Discuss the work process. Make sure you understand each other well. Aim for clear and comprehensive work procedure, where you are able to contact the performer directly in addition to talking to managers or assistants.
  5. Find out how corrections are approached. The process of creating modeling often requires making corrections, so ask about them instead of receiving an unwanted surprise in your project.
  6. Find out whether an architectural 3D modeling services has a ready-made 3D model database. 3D modeling services are performed much faster and easier with such a database.
  7. Discuss the interaction system. When you work on a project, you can’t allow forgetting anything important – this is why professionals don’t use Skype for discussing details of the work process. Make sure that your 3D modeling service relies on written communication, and you will avoid hearing, “You’ve never mentioned that before!”
  8. Check in regularly. Feel free to request seeing the current results of your 3D modeling process, so that you are sure that all deadlines are met.
  9. Pay only after making sure that the work meets your standards.
Project of 3d modeling services

Delegating responsibility for routine of 3D modeling is indispensable for architects, designers and manufacturers – and if you decided to use 3D modeling service for your business, you must already understand that. This is why you shouldn’t be afraid to share your responsibility with professionals – despite the risks involved. Professional 3D modeling services can save you a great deal of time and effort, if performed by an experienced, trustworthy 3D architectural visualization and modeling company.

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