What’s the use of 3D services for Architects? What really counts at presentation is quality and quality only. But is that always so?

Let’s remember a situation that is only too familiar. Your team is participating in a tender, and it is as prestigious as profitable. You know that competition is high, but you are confident. So the team went for it and put all forces into development of the project. When needed, you invested personal free time and stayed up till midnight. As a result – you created a real gem the team is excited about.

And your architectural project has everything it takes to win the tender. But how to present it in its full splendor? How to blow away the audience who doesn’t exactly think in terms of drawings and sketches?

This moment is so easy to neglect. For you do everything in your power to stay competitive as an Architect: visit conferences, courses, speeches, lectures, never miss a new book on architecture. But the best instruments for architectural presentation just don’t seem that important.

The trick is that you may not get all attention you deserve, and your efforts will not be rewarded. Meanwhile, there’s a whole array of tools that may prevent this situation from happening. 3D services for Architects can immerse the audience into the concept and communicate all its benefits better than a whole book on it.

So, are you ready to increase manifold the impact of your architectural design presentation?  Not to prove with lengthy speeches and exhausting efforts, but to enchant the spectator from the first glance? It’s totally possible. Learn about new opportunities you get with 3D Services for Architects.

And here are 5 main instruments that’ll arm you with an unprecedented power of visual persuasion!

3D Services For Architects: 5 Crucial Types

#1. 3D Interior Visualizations

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Interior Visualization is a long sought-after tool that helps to see the project in detail long before its implementation. For a good drawing supplies with facts, and a reference gives a vague notion of it might feel like to live in the concept of the interior design. Meanwhile, 3D services for Architects, namely interior 3D Visualization, give a full understanding of what the apartment or house interior will look like. And the rendering price is a competitive one!

#2. 3D Exterior Visualizations

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And what if the project in question is an exterior of a house or office? Or, even more complicated – a skyscraper? All the more reason for Architects to refer to 3D Services. For Architectural Exterior Visualization lets the audience see the building at its best. You may show it in the morning, bathed in the sunlight and with lots of people around. Or at night, emanating quiet golden light that pierces the navy blue sky.

Make sure your exterior design project takes your clients’ breath away

#3. 3D Panorama

If 3D Visualization lets you see the concept as if for real, 3D Panorama allows to walk the audience through it. So that one could see everything in detail and pause to admire anything that caught his eye. What’s more, panorama allows to be in control and move around the project as you choose. As you can see, 3D services for architects provide you with various levels of interactivity.

#4. 3D Animation

3D Animation is a 3D instrument that shows the architectural project like an art object. It showcases the building as realistically as it gets, and with rhythm and impact of a Hollywood movie.

#5. Virtual Reality

This is a new, state-of-the-art type of 3D Services. Using special 3D glasses, you can immerse the customer in the project and make him experience it as if for real. For the moment, VR is the ultimate tool for sensory impact. Its potential attracted the interest of the leading figures of our days, including Mark Zuckerberg. So, if you want to amaze the audience, take its breath away and produce a long-lasting impression – then definitely go for it.

So, if you want to win large-scale tenders – 3D services for Architects are here to help. Imagine yourself going to presentation with full confidence you’ll produce the impact. And after the speech, you are bombarded with question. The audience is enthusiastic, and it fills you with inspiration. Even the way you shake hands with potential customers somehow makes you think that the presentation is a success. And it turns out you’re right: for the next day you receive a letter confirming the partnership.

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Irma Prus
Content Writer, Copywriter

Irma writes articles and marketing copy for ArchiCGI. Her dream is that more people discover the power of CGI for architecture. Irma is into neuromarketing, ruby chocolate and Doctor Who series.