3D Kitchen Interior Rendering for Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is an effective and time-tested communication channel that lays grounds for any business promotion. According to MailChimp statistics, the average email open rate is 20 percent. This number indicates that it is now the leading customer acquisition channel. How can it be useful for interior designers? Well, wise email marketing forms loyalty and trust in a brand. Besides, it helps to build relationships with prospects and facilitates regular communication with current clients. Simply put, email is the most powerful way to share meaningful information and connect with people.

Wonder how to get an email marketing strategy that continuously brings in new customers? We’ve got it all figured out. Take a look at these 3 crucial steps you’ll need to take.

Stage 1. Generating Leads with Cold Email

3D Lobby Interior Rendering for Email Marketing

The first thing a Designer needs to do is to answer 3 questions: whom to write, what to say and how to deliver the message. Let’s start with the first one – whom to target. The crucial thing is to find the contacts of prospective clients. There are two ways to proceed here: through social media or search engine advertising, and by purchasing leads lists. Even though the first two totally deserve consideration, the latter remains the most efficient and time-saving solution.

But where does one gets leads lists? The easiest way is to think like a client. Are there any services or products the prospects need before they choose an Interior Designer? If so, it would be smart to identify their providers and offer them a partnership. Or simply buy the leads list and thus get access to prospects’ contacts – even faster.

As for the means of message delivery, there are plenty of automation platforms to choose from, including MailChimp, Benchmark or Getresponse email marketing services. Also, sending traditional letters by post is a totally valid method.

And finally, let’s discuss the letters. When the contacts are obtained, the focal point is to outline the values leads can get from using professional design services. At this stage, it is relevant to explain clearly and consistently the benefits and advantages of working with designers using email. As for the content of letters, there are 3 basic tips for catching the reader’s attention and turning them into potential customers.

1) Show the Value

The most significant part of engaging potential clients to designers’ offer is to emphasize designers’ competitive advantage. They can highlight specific benefits and values the leads can get from using their services. For instance, the email can explain why the tailor-made living space will work for readers much better than planning from the developer. Also, designers can show how their professional services will substantially reduce the cost for getting high-quality design materials.

2) Demonstrate Examples

Another important thing for email marketing is to prove the level of expertise. Showing the finest pieces of work the Interior Designers have done in various categories is the best way to show that this brand is turning houses into homes, or creating offices that makes people wish they worked there the moment they step inside. Moreover, this is the perfect opportunity to extend to a new niche. The Designer only needs to create the project of this type, get interior design renderings, and provide enough exposure with email marketing.

3) Call to a Clear Next Step

A crucial point to leading prospects to collaboration is providing them with a specific call to action. Depending on the way you work, it could be a phone call, a skype conference call, or a meeting in the office. The trick