3D Lifestyle for Effective Furniture Ecommerce

Furniture marketing is crucial for an online store whose mission is to make homes more comfortable. Business survival statistics relentlessly show that only one in three firms stays afloat within the decade following the foundation. About 20% of small businesses fade away during the first year. Only 50% of companies celebrate their fifth anniversary. There are dozens of reasons why a store can go bankrupt, but poor marketing is among the the top ten.

A marketing plan for a furniture business should be as elaborate as a sea chart. There must be realistic numerical goals based on market research, and the entrepreneur needs to track their achievement. Moreover, it’s essential to clearly know the audience including their hobbies and life values to predict their behavior and base the marketing strategy upon this knowledge.

To make sound decisions, online retailers need also to be aware which part of the purchase funnel they are dealing with while considering a furniture marketing strategy:

  • The top of the funnel consists of so-called “home enthusiasts”: interested in home furnishings and decor, they don’t necessarily consider a purchase right now. Getting in touch with them and raising brand awareness are key targets here.
  • The “active shoppers” make up the middle. As they are looking for the best option, it is necessary to provide them with the information they need.
  • The bottom-of-funnel, or “buyers”, are only deciding from which store to buy.

Now that we have reviewed the cornerstones of the furniture store marketing, it’s time to set mind to practice. For online furniture retailers to grow and prosper, we are sharing five ways to attract customers to their websites.

#1. Get an Amazing Website for Hard-Hitting Furniture Marketing

White Desk Hero Shot for a Furniture Promo

Whichever furniture marketing strategies a retailer uses, it’s the website where customers buy furniture. That’s the product page where a customer puts the item to the shopping cart, so it should be available in three clicks or less from any other page.

Among other ways to bring customers to the site, search engine optimization is the most popular. Search engines bring web surfers who belong to all three levels of the funnel. These three groups gravitate to different contents. Home enthusiasts seek edutainment: they are just looking for ways to make their nests snugger and gather all kinds of tips and inspiration materials. So, the goal is to demonstrate how various products of the brand will benefit to them. The mid-of-funnel visitors seek to find practical advice to go further down. At the bottom of the funnel, it is necessary to lead buyers to the final decision.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics allows to keep track of user behavior in order to maintain and improve site quality. Generally, two groups of site contents need regular revision for effective furniture marketing.

Firstly, the strongest points need constant improvement for even better results. So using Google Analytics helps determine which pages are the most popular, and a heat map will demonstrate the parts of the pages that draw more attention. This way, a Marketer can improve on such sections, pages, and content elements in order to generate more interest.

Secondly, there are pages the visitors tend to leave the website from. If something is making customers lose interest, it is better to identify the issue and fix it.

Compelling Imagery

Render for Kitchen Furniture Used in Christmas Promos

In furniture internet marketing, pictures are the flagship content, and heat maps make it especially obvious. A 3D rendering company can help you get large numbers of high-quality product images without cumbersome photo shots.

Compared to photos, 3D visualizations are more time-saving and cost-effective. When there’s a number of similar furniture units or sets, these benefits increase exponentially – the situation being typical for furniture stores. The reason is that photo session needs a studio and a photographer. Manufacturing and transporting furniture units for just a few shots aggravates the problem even further. As for 3D renderings, recomposing a furniture set, slightly reshaping a unit, changing colors and patterns are all minor changes.

Adaptive Design

For a maximum reach of audience, an adaptive website layout is a must. The number of online shoppers who make purchases using mobile devices is increasing. If an online store works equally good on big and small screens, more customers will engage with the site, which results in higher sales.

#2. Go Social to Increase Customer Engagement

Professional 3D Render of an Armchair for Marketing Materials