Photorealistic product rendering is not a new way of visualizing merchandise for furniture producers, but nowadays it’s vital for them. Traditional means like photography and hand-drawn sketches are still widely used, but each year they become more and more limiting both in terms of capabilities and usage.

Every day more and more furniture producers recognise the benefits CGI has and a 3D rendering company is their go-to choice. Sometimes photorealistic product rendering has saved old businesses and helped new ones grow rapidly. There are 7 cases when photography or sketching simply won’t do and companies have to use furniture rendering to match the demands of current customer.

Photorealistic Product Rendering: When It’s Vital

#1. Furniture Is Not Yet Produced

7 Situations When Photorealistic Product Rendering Is Badly Needed: Product Does Not Exist

Furniture design process is difficult on it’s own, but it is even harder to sell something that exists solely on paper. Even the best sketch can’t showcase all features of a piece – no deal as a result. 3D product rendering can visualize things that don’t exist yet. Just contact ArchiCGI, provide information about item’s dimensions and how it should look as well as extra wishes regarding which context it should be placed – and voila, you get a photorealistic depiction of your design! Simple and effective.

#2. Design Has To Show Material Quality

7 Situations When Photorealistic Product Rendering Is Badly Needed: Showing Material

A Perhaps your furniture boasts luxury materials, but how to show it if it’s just an idea in designer’s head? Again, similar to what was said in the previous point, professional product modeling can bring any design to life. “Can it accurately visualize high-class materials?” – one might ask, and the answer is “yes”. Modern 3D rendering software can accurately depict all substances: various fabrics, leathers, furs, metals, plastic, wood – you name it. And the results are truly gorgeous – sometimes you can almost feel material quality of a 3D rendered furniture piece!

#3. Promotional Materials Need Customization

Modern advertising is always about the customers, not the goods. And today buyers want to customise their orders – any company that doesn’t provide this feature is doomed to fail in the competition. Traditional means work only when there is some tangible items in stock, and even if there are, it would take a truckload of time to do the photoshoots of same objects in different scenarios and show all possible color and material options. Photorealistic product rendering, on the other hand, can provide promotional materials in bulk – and in different settings, of different colors and materials, too. Tweaking a few variables is faster, cheaper and easier than making warehouses’ worth of disposable props and sets. And since 3D renders are already digital, it would only need a bit of skilled programming to add merchandise customiser to a company’s website or blog.

#4. Advertising Campaigns Have To Cater To Y Generation

7 Situations When Photorealistic Product Rendering Is Badly Needed: Advertising To Millennials

Every generation of clients brings new challenges to advertisers, and millennials are no different. There is no need to worry, though – follow only a handful of rules to gain their loyalty: employ Internet influencers, approach millennials individually and provide unique buying experience. And if first two points were easy enough, third requires photorealistic 3D product rendering. One way to use it is virtual reality – it’s in vogue today, and is an exciting way to present your product. Another option would be to offer interactivity in form of “feature breakdown” and showcasing how a particular piece fits client’s home. Finally, photorealistic 3D animation is a great way to demonstrate a product from all sides, which will ensure that a customer will know everything about what they’re buying.

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#5. Product Needs An Effective Presentation

Quality 3D Rendering Services In Los Angeles For Design Presentations View04

Photorealistic product rendering is extremely useful for effective presentations. Hand-drawn sketches and words won’t impress investors – but high-quality CGI will. Similar to the previous point, a presentation can be made interactive, so that instead of looking at still images viewer can be involved in the process directly (by moving elements on the screen or “walking” in VR) or indirectly (through controllable 3D animation). The best effect can be achieved through combining various tools and tricks. CGI sells even mediocre projects, and easily makes presentations stellar.

#6. A Business Is Only Developing

7 Situations When Photorealistic Product Rendering Is Badly Needed: New Business

3D furniture rendering is a life saver for companies new to the market. In most cases, beginners don’t start with heaps of cash to pay any expenses: staff, photography, marketing, etc. Most importantly, they are unknown, and need a portfolio ASAP. This is where 3D rendering studios come in – they provide photorealistic 3D models, renders and lifestyle images, filling up the portfolio with high-quality images quickly. No need to keep in-house 3D artists – outsource companies can get the job done cheaper and faster.

#7. A Company Wants Be Recognised

7 Situations When Photorealistic Product Rendering Is Badly Needed: Style Recognition

Sometimes it can be difficult for companies to have a distinctive set of features or styles. Being recognised is crucial in modern market, and photorealistic product rendering can be quite useful for that. To stick to a brand style, one solution is to create web-pages for all items you have on sale, and cooperate with a 3D rendering company to make sure that every piece follows one design pattern. To impress viewers add photorealistic 360-degree view for all objects. Aside from style, CGI shows great results in creating visuals for sales and marketing materials.

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Have you found yourself unable to cope with the challenges of modern marketing? ArchiCGI can help you catch up to the competition and boost sales with photorealistic product rendering. Get high-quality CG for all your needs today with our professional 3D rendering services!

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