High-Quality Office Design 3D Rendering for a CGI Studio

3D visualisation companies are an innovative way to develop design and architectural business in both technical aspects and marketing field. The rendering services are so widely represented nowadays that everyone can find the most convenient solutions for all business goals.

A prestigious architectural company won the tender for a contract to build a new shopping mall. It’s their biggest project yet and they want to blow clients’ mind at the presentation. That’s why the architects need the most awe-inspiring visual materials they can find and cgi is the best way to get them. But where do the architects start? There are so many websites, professional social media profiles of 3D Artists and freelance platforms that offer 3D visualisation services yet they know nothing about it. Besides, the architectural company has little time to prepare the presentation and can’t afford to order cgi for the second time if something goes wrong. So how to choose a 3D Artist wisely and get a high-quality result on the first try? Let’s find out more about 3D visualisation companies and their differences.      

#1. One-Person Companies or Freelancers

Highly Professional Freelance 3D Rendering Artists

  • Quality – ✭✭✰✰✰

There are a lot of online platforms for hiring freelancers where a person can find the information about them and check their portfolios. However, it’s never a 100% quality guarantee. Freelance 3D Artists are free from legal responsibilities or established quality standards. It means that even if the result is not satisfactory, nobody guarantees a payback or even corrections.  

  • Speed – ✭✭✰✰✰

Workflow speed depends on a 3D Artist’s skills but also on multitasking abilities. Most of the freelancers work alone and make only one task at a time which slows the whole process of creating 3D visualisation. The other factor is a narrow specialization of a freelancer that may work for a simple project, while a more complicated one requires at least a few cg services at once.

  • Price – ✭✭✭✭✭

One-person companies usually charge less than cgi studios – though it depends on a 3D Artist’s level of professionalism and reputation. Still, the freelance market is big enough to choose freelance 3D visualisation services within budget. And by that, we mean almost any budget.    

  • Client Communication – ✭✭✰✰✰

Working with freelancers often leads to misunderstandings, as communication happens only via social media or video-calls.