In the architecture services market, clients are very careful in choosing projects to invest in. One of the vital things for winning them over is an informative and visually impressive presentation. This begs the question — what can both look stunning and convey all important information at the same time? Our architectural rendering company has a solution — 3D animation services for architects!

CG video is the tool that can provide the most complete picture of a future building. It’s so informative that it needs no textual or verbal explanations whatsoever while showcasing every detail of a design in a minute or less. Here are 5 ways a 3D animation can help secure a deal!

#1. CG walkthrough demonstrates properties from both inside and outside perspectives

In architectural projects, the exterior and interior designs work as an integral whole. For this reason, an informative presentation must portray a house from both outside and inside viewpoints. 

3D animation shows both perspectives as a coherent whole. A video may start off by doing a “drone camera” flying around a house, and then move inside and go room by room, showcasing each space in great detail. When the camera moves in, a viewer would still partly see the yard with outdoor facilities such as a pool or a terrace through the window. And this is just one example. 3D animation services for architects offer multiple options for making presentations informative. 

#2. CG animation features transitions between spaces

The impact of 3D animation for architects would not be so powerful if it looked like a collection of separate frames. That’s why a well-made 3D video features seamless transitions between perspectives and rooms. It is impactful since it makes viewers feel like they are at the location, being given a tour through the property.

Immerse clients into your design projects with a 3D animation

3D animation services for architects help show design ensembles harmoniously while keeping all the informative details. For instance, a camera may follow a path of a house visitor, leading them through corridors. It can pause in each room, focusing on the selling points. Or it can be a cinematic experience, with key scenes connected by smooth transitions used in filmmaking — like fades and dissolves. This way, architects can convey the feel of each space while keeping the idea that every interior is a part of the house.

#3. Architectural animation shows the functionality of design elements and home devices

As any architect knows, creating a building is not only about designing a gorgeous place. It is also about making it functional, somewhere people would enjoy living in. But showing this functionality to clients is very difficult through explanations and pictures. While with architectural 3D animation, presenting smart design solutions becomes significantly easier. 

A 3D walkthrough may showcase how doors, furniture, and appliances would work in motion. This ”how it works” feature achieves two goals. The first is that clients don’t need to imagine how design features function. Secondly, it makes the viewers feel a personal connection to the property as if they are the ones interacting with those objects. Forming an emotional rapport while staying informative might just be the thing that seals the deal for most architects.

#4. CG Animation Gives a Comprehensive Picture of Multi-building Projects 

When architects provide services of creating multi-building projects, showing how each house fits the overall composition is as important as their respective designs. Portraying how all buildings work together to create a harmonious view of the location is also vital. And 3D animation services for architects help complete these tasks with ease. 

With CG video services, architects can showcase properties from multiple angles. Those might include bird’s eye and panoramic views. A CG animation demonstrates the locations of buildings relative to each other and the distance between them. For better impact on the viewers, the camera may move to human eye level for a walkthrough between the houses. And all this, not as a collection of pictures but a gorgeous video with seamless transitions and cinematography.

#5. CG animation presents spaces under different environmental and lighting conditions

Weather, current season, and lighting heavily affect the look of a building. The same house can look completely different during the day and night. Hence, the 3D video featuring transitions between seasons, weather, and time of day would be the most informative.

It may look like this: the beginning shows a spring morning, followed by bright summer daytime, rainy fall evening, and snowy winter night. With such scenarios, 3D animation services for architects help make a presentation immersive. This gives clients a good idea of what the architectural design would look like under different circumstances. 

Complete the brief for your perfect 3D animation easily

A 3D walkthrough is an architect’s best friend when it comes to winning over customers for crucial projects. It shows interiors and exteriors of properties in detail, all the while making them look like parts of a whole and not disjointed spaces. Seamless transitions cement this impression by making viewers feel like they are being guided through a future house. Moreover, CG walkthrough services help show how structures in multi-building projects work together. A 3D animation adds immersion by showcasing how buildings look in different seasons and times of the day. On top of that, a CG video shows the inner workings like doors, furniture, and appliances in action.

Want to leave a lasting impression on your clients and seal the deals every time in style? Order 3D architectural animation services to make your project presentations stunning!

Catherine Paul
Content Writer, Editor at ArchiCGI

Catherine is a content writer and editor. In her articles, she explains how CGI is transforming the world of architecture and design. Outside of office, she enjoys yoga, travelling, and watching horrors.