AECOM is a multinational design, planning, engineering, and consulting firm with head office in the US. It is featured on the list of 500 best companies by “Fortune” magazine. AECOM is an established leader and influencer in its field, so the firm’s managers choose only top-tier professionals as partners. That’s why the ArchiCGI team is proud of being entrusted with this company’s 3D rendering projects. 

Our 3D architectural visualization studio has been working with AECOM for many years. And our guest today will talk about the experience of our cooperation from a client’s point of view. Meet Aleksey Sandu — an architect at AECOM. Throughout our partnership, we have completed more than 100 exterior and interior CG visualization projects for him. So, Aleksey knows all the ins and outs of working with us. 

So how did AECOM approach choosing a CGI provider? And why did they decide to work with ArchiCGI? Keep on reading and find out! 

Aleksey, for how long have you been working at AECOM? What projects do you usually work on?

An Architectural Specialist at AECOM

I have been working for AECOM for more than five years. Before joining AECOM, I owned an architectural bureau for ten years. It definitely gave me a unique experience. When working in small architectural bureaus, you should be able to do everything yourself: from creating building concepts or interiors to making drawings for a construction site. And since you are responsible for every single thing, you must not only excel in creating architectural projects, but also in establishing good relationships with customers, finding a common language with builders and subcontractors, and, most importantly, building effective teamwork.

AECOM is a large company that designs objects of completely different purposes and sizes, from big industrial plants to corporate VIP interiors. I can say that my previous experience is a huge asset to my work in this firm.

Does AECOM often use 3D visualization in their projects? What projects require CGI the most and for which purposes?

Design: AECOM
3D visualization: ArchiCGI

3D visualizations are probably the most important element of the project presentation. Thanks to them, you can captivate customers in the early stages of design. You can make them your allies who understand the amount of resources to spend and stand by the implementation of your ideas.

That’s why I believe that only the best professionals should work on CG visualizations. After all, it’s not enough just to create a 3D model, you need to breathe life into it, make people believe in it and want to make it real. Fortunately, I met the ArchiCGI team many years ago. We can always entrust them with 3D visualization of our ideas.

It’s not enough just to create a 3D model, you need to breathe life into it.

Do you have an in-house team of 3D artists or outsource all the 3D visualization tasks?

We do simple 3D visualizations on our own. But they are mainly used for internal tasks. The AECOM team always involves professional CGI companies to make photorealistic images for our clients.

What are your criteria for choosing a 3D visualization services provider?

3D Render of A Stylish Office

Design: AECOM
3D visualization: ArchiCGI

As I mentioned before, it’s important for us to appeal to the client with the help of visualizations. We must make them believe in the reality of our ideas. That’s why, the main criterion for us, in addition to photorealism, is a creative approach. CG visualizers should feel our idea and speak the same language with us. They should render not just architecture but a comprehensive image with a unique atmosphere and mood. Also, they must have a good taste and be in the know of modern trends in design and architecture.

CG visualizers should render not just architecture but a comprehensive image with a unique atmosphere and mood.

How do you make up a scope of work for a 3D visualization task? How long does it usually take?

Since we usually do CG visualizations in early stages of the project, preparing technical assignments for it is, in fact, creating the design itself. And it takes quite a long time. When working on a technical task, some solutions are rejected and new ones appear, which are then presented to the client.

How long does a 3D visualization project usually last? Do any issues happen in the course of such projects, and if yes — how are they solved?

Design: AECOM
3D visualization: ArchiCGI

Usually, we don’t have much time for 3D visualizations themselves, so our partners have to work as quickly as possible. Often, after receiving the first version of CG images, we understand that some changes need to be made. And these changes are not always limited to one time.

How did you find ArchiCGI?

I got to know ArchiCGI even before I joined AECOM. I was searching for some eye-catching 3D visualizations on the Internet and found a few that I really liked. It turned out they were made by ArchiCGI. So, I decided to work with a company that can pull off such high-quality imagery. And I was not mistaken. For many years now, the ArchiCGI team has been demonstrating excellent results.

Why do you prefer to work with ArchiCGI?

A 3D Rendering of Commercial Design

Design: AECOM
3D visualization: ArchiCGI

It’s very important for us that ArchiCGI has a large professional team. Even a big project with many 3D visualizations can be immediately taken to work and we will get a high-quality result on time.

It’s very important for us that ArchiCGI has a large professional team.

Is CGI CRM helpful for your workflow? If so, in which way?

CGI CRM has a user-friendly interface, and we are very comfortable working with it. It is very convenient to communicate with the 3D team, upload files, and quickly share the result.

Want to see more renderings we created for AECOM? Take a look.

Design: AECOM
3D visualization: ArchiCGI

The ArchiCGI team is grateful to Aleksey Sandu for sharing his experience of working with our 3D outsource studio. For us, clients’ testimonials are gold — because they help us grow and provide better services. 

We wish Aleksey and AECOM huge success in their business. And we wait impatiently to visualize more of their breathtaking projects in 3D. 

Need top-notch CG visuals of your design to wow clients at a project presentation? Contact ArchiCGI for architectural rendering services and get incredibly photorealistic 3D renders full of life and atmosphere!

Catherine Paul
Content Writer, Editor at ArchiCGI

Catherine is a content writer and editor. In her articles, she explains how CGI is transforming the world of architecture and design. Outside of office, she enjoys yoga, travelling, and watching horrors.