Due to the nature of their work, interior designers are in constant creative search. So, gaining inspiration and new insights is absolutely vital for them. And what’s the best way to get inspired if not looking through the best interior design magazines? Their editorial teams are following all the news and trends in the industry to tell the audience about them. They select the most amazing works of designers worldwide, share their stories and practical advice. That is why interior design magazines are an excellent source of inspiration for every professional in the field. 

We know that from our own experience. As a 3D architectural visualization studio, we work closely with many talented designers and create CG renderings for countless beautiful interiors. Therefore, it’s very important for us to stay on top of the trends in the industry. And to do that, our 3D artists read the best interior design magazines. In this article, we are sharing our top-10 selection for finding inspiration. Read on to discover the best sources of interior design ideas from around the world!

#1. Dezeen

Dezeen Architecture and Interior Design Magazine

Website: https://www.dezeen.com/

Based in London, Dezeen is one of the most famous online magazines focused on architecture and interior design. It’s been in the field for 15 years and has an impressive story of success. Once a small blog, now Dezeen is a respected magazine with a 3-million monthly readership. 

Its popularity is well-deserved, since its authors masterfully cover all the latest design trends, review the best projects, create stylish lookbooks, and much more. The journal has a large section devoted to interior design with lots of unbelievably beautiful visuals, insightful ideas and stories. It makes Dezeen a gold mine of inspiration for all professionals in the industry.

#2. Dwell

Dwell Interior Design Magazine

Website: https://www.dwell.com/

Dwell is another well-known name in the interior design business. It is a bimonthly US magazine that was first issued in 2000. Dwell targets both homeowners and designers, inspiring them with forward-looking concepts. Being one of the best interior design magazines, Dwell offers exhaustive and quality content related to every aspect of creating comfortable and cozy spaces. 

For example, there’s a large photo gallery of interiors that can be filtered by the type of room, furniture, lighting, etc. Also,  the magazine features exclusive home tours, how-to guides, articles on burning topics such as post-pandemic interior design, and much more. A shop on the website makes Dwell also a popular marketplace.

#3. Elle Decor

Elle Decor Interior Design Magazine

Website: https://www.elledecor.com/

As its editors say, Elle Decor’s mission is to tell about the best designs in the world. This magazine was launched in France in 1987. Now, it is published in 25 countries and is available in both print and digital versions. It has more than 2 million readers on 5 continents. Such popularity is surefire proof that ED is among the best interior design magazines. 

When reading the magazine, one can find numerous house tours, design ideas, overviews of celebrities’ homes, remodeling and renovation tips, industry news, and much more. The magazine also has an online shop with trendy furniture and accessories.

#4. Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

Website: https://www.bhg.com/

First issued in 1922, Better Homes and Gardens is now one of the most popular interior design magazines in the US and Australia. It is available online and offline, with the print version published monthly. 

Better Homes and Gardens provides a lot of useful info on lifestyle, gardening, crafts, healthy living, and interior design.  Speaking of the latter, the journal covers various topics from current trends to DIY guides, decoration ideas, and expert advice on home improvement. The Australian webpage of BHG has a large shop with everything needed to create a lovely home. What is more, in Australia, Better Homes and Gardens brand also has a popular TV show based on the magazine.

#5. Livingetc

Livingetc Interior Design Magazine

Website: https://www.livingetc.com/

Livingetc is a monthly British magazine about modern interior design and style. Its editors claim that their goal is to provide the best ideas to those who want a lively and cozy home but don’t have time to think over every little detail. 

The journal highlights a variety of topics and answers many practical questions, which earns it a spot among the best interior design magazines. Its section called Design Ideas is worth exploring for designers seeking new insights. They will definitely appreciate inspiring house tours, lists of home design ideas, and buying guides on modern stylish furniture and decor.

#6. Sleeper

Sleeper Interior Design Magazine

Website: https://www.sleepermagazine.com/

Sleeper is one of the best magazines devoted to hospitality architecture and interior design. When reading it, one can learn about the latest trends and how to use them to create the most beautiful and comfortable hotel spaces. 

This British journal has an online and a bimonthly print version, which differ in their content a little bit. The website showcases highlights from the print magazine and features some exclusive projects and podcasts with architecture and design professionals. However, in any version of Sleeper, a reader will find interesting articles about the interior design of hotels worldwide, new furniture and decor collections on the market, and designers who play key roles in the field.

#7. Marie Claire Maison

Marie Claire Maison Interior Design Magazine

Website: https://www.marieclaire.fr/maison/

Marie Claire Maison interior design magazine brings inspiration to those seeking ideas on decorating a lovely home. As its editorial team claims, they uncover the latest trends and mix ideas from different cultures and styles. 

The magazine is based in France and comes in online and print versions. The latter is published 8 times per year. In Marie Claire Maison, one can find tips on how to design any room in the house, learn which mistakes to avoid, how to decorate living space in a certain style, and so on. The articles answer very specific questions, like what flooring to choose for a balcony, how to design an eco-friendly kitchen, and many more. And even if one doesn’t know French, selections of stylish visuals in the magazine are still worth close attention.

#8. Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest Magazine

Website: https://www.architecturaldigest.com/

Architectural Digest is one of the most renowned US magazines in the world of architecture and interior design. And one of the oldest ones, as its first issue was published in 1920. In the course of its long history, Architectural Digest has gained a wide influence among interior design experts and became one of the best magazines in the field. It features inspiring decorating ideas, showcases innovative home design projects, tells about emerging and well-established designers, covers the latest trends and news, and more. AD is available in both print and online format.

#9. House Beautiful

House Beautiful Interior Design Magazine

Website: https://www.housebeautiful.com/

House Beautiful first came out in 1896. So, it is one of the oldest still-published magazines of its kind. Now, this US journal about home decor and domestic arts comes out 10 times a year. The creators of House Beautiful say their goal is to inspire and educate readers. And they’re nailing this task perfectly well: HB magazines are full of innovative design ideas and stylish interiors. 

House Beautiful’s webpage even has a section called Design Inspiration with celebrity home tours, makeovers in before and after format, and more. Also, there’s a section with decor ideas sorted by different rooms. So, readers can look specifically for tips on the kitchen, bedroom, dining room design, etc. Plus, in the tradition of the best interior design magazines, House Beautiful provides helpful shopping guides for designers.

#10. Attitude

Attitude Interior Design Magazine

Website: https://www.attitude-mag.com/en/blog/all/

We close our list of the best magazines about interior design with Attitudea bimonthly magazine based in Portugal and appreciated worldwide. It tells inspiring stories of beautiful homes, hotels, and other spaces, illustrated with stylish, eye-catching pictures. 

The overview of the latest issue is always on their website. Plus, Attitude’s webpage has a journal that’s worth special attention. There, one can find lots of stunning interior photos, articles about art, architecture, and interviews with design experts.

Inspiration is easy to find if you know where to look. And for a designer, reading the best interior design magazines is a surefire way to get inspired. Such journals are treasure troves with excellent interior visuals, practical tips, the latest news and trends, home tours, and shopping guides to discover.

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