Branding for architecture firms can be tricky. All because architects don’t normally use most conventional marketing tools, such as online and offline advertising, newsletters, and so on. Rather than that, architecture companies rely on recommendations and their own reputation to get new clients. But how does one build a strong and successful brand, to begin with?

To answer this question, the marketing experts at our architectural visualization studio have come up with 5 main rules to follow if you want to nail your branding. So, if you’re interested in creating a powerful identity for your architecture firm’s brand, keep reading!

#1. Identify Your Brand Emotion

Photorealistic 3D Render for an Architectural Firm

The core essence of an architecture brand is the emotion that it evokes. So, first of all, you need to clearly understand what it is people feel when they see your work. For instance, your company might specialize in designing cozy suburban family residences that give one the feeling of hominess. Or it might be one of those firms that become known for their ultra-sleek futuristic commercial concepts, which make one feel amazed. In any case, you should start by defining the emotion you want to project, and start building your brand’s identity on it.

#2. Define Your Brand Persona

Branding for Architecture Firms: Defining Brand Persona

The next step in doing branding for architecture firms is identifying a brand’s persona. To do that, imagine that your brand is a person. What is their name, what do they look like, how do they talk? And, most importantly — what are their values? Not strictly in terms of architecture, but regarding anything from lifestyle to social issues.

This part of developing a branding strategy allows you to better understand how firms connect with their clients and partners. This way, you’ll be able to come up with a unique visual style and a tone of voice that truly speaks to your ideal customer. Those need to be reflected in everything your architecture company does — from social media posts and website content to direct communication with project stakeholders.

#3. Develop a Spot-On Visual Identity System

Stylish 3D Visualization for an Architecture Brand

Curating a visual identity is a big part of any branding strategy. Especially so — for architecture firms, whose primary task is design. So, any visuals your studio produces have to accurately reflect the brand’s character. Is it strict and reserved? Traditional? Or maybe bold and fresh? Whatever it is, it should be clearly recognizable in the logo, typeface, and imagery.

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One thing that can help you achieve a cohesive look across your visuals is realistic 3D visualization. Since 3D artists can depict any creative vision and style in CG renders, there is a multitude of ways to make them tailored to your architecture brand’s aesthetic. That includes such aspects as lighting, mood, contextual elements, and post-production style. Once you’ve developed your own unique on-brand look, your 3D renders will be instantly recognizable among the works of other firms.

#4. Measure Your Brand’s NPS Regularly

Net Promoter Score in an Architecture Firm’s Branding

There is no successful branding for architecture firms without a regular measuring of NPS, or net promoter score. It is a widely used marketing metric that shows how likely your clients are to recommend your company to others. Typically, it’s viewed as an indicator of customer loyalty.

To keep track of your NPS, you need to regularly conduct surveys among the clients you’ve worked with. This will allow you to see how many of them would recommend your firm’s services to friends and colleagues. Ideally, you should do it once every 6-12 months to make sure your branding strategy is up-to-date.

#5. Choose Your Partners Wisely

Architect Shaking Hands with Construction Crew’s Foreman

People and firms that you work with define your architecture studio’s brand as much as your designs. Especially now, when it’s so easy for anyone to find information about a business’ values and practices. Therefore, to enhance your branding efforts, you should choose your partners carefully and make sure that your collaboration will mutually strengthen your reputations.

Now, that might be difficult for young, up-and-coming architecture firms that struggle to get their first projects. But in the long run, it definitely pays off to only work with people and businesses that share your values and have your complete trust.

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Those were our 5 tips on how to succeed at branding for architecture firms. As you can see, it is completely manageable even for a small studio that’s only starting out in the industry. Plus, some of the branding activities, such as the making of uniquely styled 3D renders, can be easily outsourced to professionals if you want to take some load off your shoulders.

Looking for top-quality architectural rendering services? Contact us at ArchiCGI and get photorealistic renders for your design presentations and branding purposes!

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