Land Subdivision 3D Visualization: Creating Animation for Magnolia Place

Middle Coast Media House is a full-service real estate media company from Wisconsin, US. Their main focus is video production, editing, and photography for real estate businesses. Jake Lange, the company’s CEO, contacted our 3D rendering studio in October 2023 with a rather unusual project. His end client, a construction company, needed land subdivision 3D visualization for Magnolia Place — beautiful European-themed vacant lots in Merton, Wisconsin.  

Want to discover the details of our workflow and see the results of our work with Jake? Read on to find out what goes into creating land subdivision 3D animation!

#1. Scope of Work and References

The main task for this project was to overlay the provided drone video of the land with a proposed subdivision into lots. Jake wanted the visualization to include the lot lines and numbers, a future road running through the plot, and the street names. Besides, our client also asked us to add basic landscaping, a small pond, and a welcome sign at the entrance so that the vacant lots would look more appealing to potential buyers. The final result of this land subdivision 3D visualization had to be a 15-second CG clip in FullHD. 

The client provided us with all the necessary materials for the task:

  • drone-based pictures and videos in 4K quality;
  • a set of grading plans for the land for sale;
  • a master plan of the subdivision.
References for Land Subdivision 3D Visualization Project

This project involved the use of a visualization technique called camera tracking. It means that a CGI artist combined the 3D graphics with the real footage of the landscape. Then, after the post-production for animation, which involved some minor color correction, the CG video was ready. 

Let’s take a look at the result!

#2. Land Subdivision 3D Visualization Project Results

Below, you can see the 3D animation we created for Middle Coast Media House.

Jake was pleased with the outcome and looks forward to working together on more projects. Here’s the comment he left in our CRM system after seeing the visualization results.

Client's Feedback after Seeing Land Subdivision 3D Visualization Project Results

And now let’s check out the bonus CG clip we made.

#3. Additional Land Subdivision 3D Visualization 

Additionally, we’ve created an alternative video including 3D models of the houses on the lots. It conveys how a lived-in neighborhood might look like on this land for sale. Have a look!

The ArchiCGI team was delighted to be a part of this project. We are thankful to Middle Coast Media House for the productive cooperation and are eager to continue our partnership.

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