To keep up with the competition, realtors and developers need to leverage the latest tendencies in the market. So what can they gain from real estate marketing trends in 2024? There are many valuable insights including customers’ preferences and behavior, market dynamics, and brand-new tools for marketing strategies.

Our 3D rendering studio is always researching new trends in the real estate industry to better serve our clients. In this article, we gathered 6 latest developments to keep an eye on. Read on to discover the most prominent trends for marketing properties!

#1. VR and AR Tours

Realtors have been using 3D content such as static renders and animations for a while now. It’s an incredibly useful tool to get appealing visuals to promote properties. However, besides these options, VR and AR are becoming increasingly popular as real estate marketing trends in 2024. 

With these technologies, real estate agencies can offer interactive walkthroughs of the properties. VR tours are fully virtual experiences that can be viewed with specialized headsets.

Real Estate Marketing Trends in 2024: Virtual Reality

AR uses a person’s smartphone camera to overlay the real world with digital information.

Both options allow a viewer to examine houses without having to visit them in reality and even before they are actually built.

As for the most state-of-the-art trends, take a look at the immersive 3D tour below.

It’s basically an interactive virtual journey through the property. This game-like experience allows a viewer to examine the property and make changes in real-time. For example, one can adjust the weather, zoom in on particular items, change their designs, and so on. As a result, a real estate agency can engage clients while providing them with a comprehensive guide about the properties. Immersive tours are accessible on any device, as the visuals are rendered on a remote server and streamed as a video to the viewer’s device.

#2. AI and Personalized Marketing

Artificial Intelligence Trend in Marketing for Realtors

AI is revolutionizing every industry nowadays. And real estate marketing can benefit from this trendy technology as well. For instance, AI algorithms can analyze vast datasets of information about property buyers and renters. This can be used to provide personalized recommendations to clients based on their budget, location, and desired features. 

Furthermore, AI technology can also automate tedious tasks, such as predictive analysis. Real estate professionals use it to get predictions of the real estate market dynamics. Without the need to perform it manually, they will have more time to focus on building meaningful connections with their clients. 

Customer support can also be automated with artificial intelligence. Modern AI chatbots can provide prompt and effective communication. They can answer questions, give info about the properties, and offer help 24/7. This would help streamline the lead generation process and gather data on potential customers.

#3. Mobile-first Approach

Mobile-first Approach to Marketing Real Estate

In recent years, one of the most relevant trends was the significant shift to mobile devices for internet browsing. The number of people relying solely on their smartphones to look at the web increases steadily. So, to appeal to such potential clients, realtors need to create mobile-friendly online content. A real estate website has to have a responsive design that is accessible and looks good on various types of devices. Besides, Google prioritizes such pages, so mobile optimization can boost an agency’s overall visibility.

#4. Promoting Sustainability

CG Image for Sustainable Real Estate

Next on the list of important real estate marketing trends in 2024 is sustainability. The awareness of environmental issues is growing and so is the demand for eco-friendly spaces. So to attract progressive buyers real estate agents need to emphasize the ‘green’ features of the property. Those may include eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient appliances, solar panels, etc. Purchasing or renting such a home provides a tangible way for people to contribute to environmental protection. That is why those sustainable qualities have to be emphasized in real estate marketing materials.

#5. Highlighting Constructional Innovations

3D Printing Trend for Real Estate

It can also be super useful to promote innovative developments in the field of construction.  New technologies, such as 3D printing, for example, can provide buyers with cost-effective options for properties. With this advanced technology, individual building components or whole structures can be quickly created on-site. Promoting the speed, efficiency, and flexibility of houses built with 3D printing can help marketers meet the needs of modern buyers.

#6. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Real Estate Marketing Trends in 2024

And lastly, let’s take a look at social media in the context of real estate marketing trends in 2024. Any modern marketer knows that using social media platforms efficiently is equally as important as having a good-looking and functional website. So, here are some useful tips for utilizing SMM for realtors in 2024.

#6.1 Using Short-form Content

Short-form real estate videos for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are one of the most important trends right now. Real estate agents can use them to provide their audiences with concise and engaging content. Such videos can include property walkthroughs, infographics, short interviews, or even some industry-related comedy sketches. 

#6.2 Collaborating with Influencers

People with niche expertise, such as successful realtors and investors, are amazing as social media influencers. Take, for example, Grant Cardone or Barbara Corcoran. They became popular because their content is authentic, relatable, and helpful. It can be wise for larger businesses and agencies to partner with those influencers. As a result, it will provide a further reach and improve the brand-customer connection. 

#6.3 Active Engagement

Keeping the audience engaged is very important for real estate businesses in 2024. To do so, one can use interactive types of content like Q&A sessions or livestreams. This communication will foster brand transparency and establish trust in the agency’s services. Besides, it can provide realtors with insights into their community preferences. 

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This was the list of the most popular real estate marketing trends in 2024. Hopefully, you discovered helpful insights for your business. We are sure that implementing those innovations will make you stand out from competitors and improve your marketing efforts tenfold.  

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Ian Diev
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