Many architects use CGI to present their projects to clients, take part in competitions, and promote their services. And most of them would agree that the easiest way to get high-quality CG visuals is to collaborate with a professional 3D visualization studio. But for those who are planning to outsource 3D rendering services for the first time, adjusting to a new workflow might seem challenging. Naturally, architects who have never done it before will have some burning questions about 3D architectural visualization projects. They’ll want to know what exactly they can get from collaboration with a CGI contractor and whether the workflow will be convenient.

As a professional architectural visualization studio, we want to answer the most important and frequently asked questions in this article. This way, we wish to help architecture professionals see that outsourcing CGI production is really an easy, efficient, and safe process. So, want to get answers to your questions right now? Then read on!

#1. What Do I Need to Start a CGI Project?

3D Architectural Visualization Projects: Reference Example

To start an architectural visualization project, you need to contact a CGI studio and submit a brief. It must contain a clear explanation of the technical assignment and some reference materials. Those typically include floorplans, elevations, lighting references, selections of materials, furniture, and decor, background images, etc. If you have a CAD model of your building created in SketchUp, Revit, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, or any other similar software, you should attach it too. That will lower the project cost since there will be no need for 3D artists to model the object from scratch.

#2. Can I Get 3D Renders Urgently?

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The answer is yes, but it will cost you extra. The thing is, every 3D architectural visualization company has a standard turnaround time for all kinds of projects. And if the client wants to get the visuals faster, more CG specialists than usual need to be involved. That means some of them will have to put aside their non-urgent tasks to complete an urgent order. Plus, they might have to work overtime to deliver top-quality 3D renders sooner. That’s why the cost of the work in this case will be somewhat higher than if there was no rush.

#3. How Do I Protect My Project Data If I Outsource 3D Visualization?

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By signing a non-disclosure agreement with the 3D rendering studio. Normally, professional companies understand the architects’ concern about the safety of their sensitive data. Therefore, it’s a standard practice for reputable studios to sign NDAs with their clients at the beginning of all 3D architectural visualization projects. This way, architecture professionals can rest assured that all their data related to the project is safe.

#4. How Do I Control the Project When Outsourcing?

Architectural Rendering Project in a CGI CRM Interface

The best architectural visualization companies use CRM systems to manage their projects and keep in touch with clients. Those are online platforms where an architect can communicate with project teams, review intermediate results, upload and download files, make payments and track their payment history, and so on. For instance, here at ArchiCGI, we have a custom-built platform called Archivizer. It has all the features we just listed, and even more. Overall, the whole process is very well-structured and convenient, as CRMs have all the tools necessary for managing outsourced 3D visualization projects in one place.

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The workflow itself is a chain of revision rounds, where 3D artists submit intermediate results for the client to review. The architect can check the progress at every stage of work, give feedback and ask for necessary changes. This way, they can always have control over their projects.

#5. What Kinds of Visual Content Can I Get?

There are many types of 3D visualization, with which architecture specialists can get various kinds of visuals. Namely, the possible outputs of 3D architectural visualization projects include static 3D renders, 3D animation, interactive virtual tours, 360-degree panoramas, 3D floor plans, AR- and VR-ready imagery. All of those can depict both exteriors and interiors. And using static visuals in combination with animation or interactive visuals can give a powerful boost to a concept presentation or marketing campaign.

#6. Can I Get 3D Visualization of Several Design Iterations?

Sure thing! In the course of their 3D architectural visualization projects, architects can have whole teams of skilled 3D modelers and visualizers working on multiple design iterations simultaneously. As a result, one can get CG imagery of several concept variations within the same time it would take to visualize one building. And project managers overseeing the teams’ work will ensure that the quality and style of the renders are consistent.

#7. Can I Show My Building Concept In Different Times of Day?

Of course, you can. Once the team of 3D architectural visualization professionals creates a 3D model of your future building, it can be shown in multiple different scenarios. For instance, there can be daytime and nighttime setting. What is more, showing buildings at different times of day is not the only valuable thing architects can get out of 3D rendering projects. They can also have their concepts depicted in different seasons and weather. This way, architecture professionals can choose the most flattering settings to highlight the benefits of their designs. Or they can show several versions to their client to provide them with more visual context.

Those were the top-7 questions asked by those who consider outsourcing 3D architectural visualization projects. We hope that our answers to them will help many professionals embrace the convenience and effectiveness of delegating the production of CGI to specialized studios. Undoubtedly, we can say that an architect can save their time and effort by outsourcing the creation of high-quality 3D renders.

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