3D exterior modelling is a great way to bring building ideas to life. It helped a lot of specialists from different industries to achieve commercial success, and revolutionized many spheres of work. “How so?”, skeptics might ask. After all, only architects are meant to use 3D exterior modelling to visualize their projects, how can it benefit anyone else? Well, strap yourselves in, because this time we’ll explore potential usefulness of architectural 3D visualization for 5 kinds of specialists, among whom only one type is obvious!

#1. Architects

3D Exterior Modelling For a Hotel Facade

Let’s get this one out of the way first. Yes, 3D exterior modelling benefits architects greatly. In fact, it has completely changed the way professionals approach residential and commercial projects and how they are pitched to investors and customers. When an architect chooses to use CGI to visualize exteriors, they lift a huge burden off their shoulders. There are only a handful of things 3D modelling and rendering specialists need to create a 3D model of a building: blueprints, sketches and personal preferences. The software does all the math for the user, which results in the idea being recreated just the way an architect imagined it. And not only that – by outsourcing 3D exterior modelling architecture specialists free a lot of time and effort, which can be allocated to other tasks, such as marketing. See an example of how exterior 3D modelling helps architects in this article about CGI for a residencial design of an internationally famous chef’s house.

#2. Real Estate Marketers

3D Exterior Modelling For Rural Housing

Before CGI became widespread, selling apartments and houses in construction was incredibly tough. For how can one run a successful advertising campaign with no imagery? Selling properties is all about dreams. Now with 3D residential rendering, selling unbuilt property is easy. Real estate marketers can start promoting projects before construction starts, substantially improving sales and allowing to work on advertising multiple properties at once.

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#3. Realtors

3D Exterior Modelling For a Residential Exterior

3D exterior modelling has made realtors’ lives a lot easier. While there is still a need to visit houses and apartments with clients, now it’s possible to show buyers what their dwelling looks like without leaving the office. And not just that, 3D modelling opens up VR and AR opportunities that leave lasting impression on a potential buyer, raising chances of a successful deal.

#4. Developers

3D Exterior Modelling For Upmarket Real Estate

Developing designs for commercial and residential projects has always been a hassle, but 3D exterior modelling makes it easier and more convenient. Developers benefit from several things. One, since CGI is made in a digital environment, they are able to implement changes to scenes on the go without having to scrap them and start over. Two, digital workspace gives another advantage in form of near-limitless customization options, that include work with light and dynamic POVs for promotional images. Finally, 3D exterior modelling allows saving time and effort by stockpiling and reusings assets, that significantly improves workflow. See how it works in this case study about 3D animation for an office building redevelopment.

#5. Business Owners And CEOs

This may come as a surprise, but 3D exterior modelling boosts success not only for those who create and sell buildings, but also to those who buy them. Specifically, business owners and CEOs. Need a storefront modified to fit one’s idea? CGI can help to plan out how exactly it is going to look. Office building needs refurbishing to make it look sleek and modern? Not a problem! 3D exterior modelling can help to see how the new project will look in real life and eliminate the guessing part from office constructions and renovation.

These professions are the ones that benefit the most from exterior 3D modelling and rendering. Photorealistic 3D renders and animations make excellent marketing materials, which can be used in advertising, promo-campaigns, even sales. Moreover, CG visuals are second to none at helping to establish trust and mutual understanding in design projects.

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