There are many factors at play that impact the 3D interior renderings quality. One of the most important of those is project timing. The thing is, setting impeccably photorealistic lighting and doing detailed post-production takes quite a lot of time, while a more simplified approach to CGI creation ensures quicker results. For this reason, our architectural 3D rendering studio has two quality tiers for renderings: Standard and Advanced. If you have a tight deadline to meet, the urgency will require us to go for the Standard tier. However, if you contact us beforehand, you can get Advanced renderings, which in many cases will better suit your needs. 

Wondering how long delivering interior renderings of each quality tier takes and what that entails? Read on to find out!

#1. Standard Interior Rendering

Standard Quality 3D Rendering of a Restaurant Interior

Choosing the Standard quality is a practical solution if your project is strictly time-limited. It will provide you with results faster without compromising on the quality of renderings. You would get the imagery in approximately 10 hours. With the Standard quality tier, you can expect the following features.

  • Realistic representation of materials
  • Realistic lighting simulation from both natural and artificial light sources.
  • A basic selection of furniture and decor. Intricate details and custom models would require more time to create and render. 
  • A minimal variation in 3D assets. Many items will be cloned to ensure faster results. For instance, if you look closely at the render above, you can see the bottles on the shelves are identical. 

Such high-quality 3D renders still look quite impressive. They can be successfully used for promo materials and project demonstrations.

#2. Advanced Interior Rendering

Advanced 3D Interior Visualization

If you need exceptionally stunning visual materials, it would be wise to opt for Advanced 3D interior renderings quality. Keep in mind that the production of this type of visuals can take up to 25 hours. Here are the specific features of Advanced interior visualizations.

  • Photorealistic materials that make renderings indistinguishable from real photos.
  • Nuanced hyperrealistic lighting, setting which is a complex process that requires extra work from a 3D artist.
  • Creative variety in interior decor selection. The items vary in color, shape, and size so they look more natural and visually interesting. For example, each table has a different setup. 
  • Advanced CGI post-production, which makes the visuals more lifelike. It involves adjusting color balance, contrast, and brightness.
  • Adding small imperfections like creases, folds, and cracks on materials to make them look more realistic.
  • Incorporating various camera effects, such as bloom, glare, glow, and motion blur. This provides a sophisticated cinematic look to the renderings.

Achieving the Advanced tier of 3D interior renderings quality requires time and precision. But, as a result, you’ll get fantastic visuals. They’ll work great for competitions, presentations for high-end investors, or captivating ads.

Take your design presentation to a new level with interior rendering

Whether you prioritize getting quick results or mind-blowing CG masterpieces, our 3D rendering studio is always ready to take on your task. Either way, you can expect to get materials of exceptional quality within your specific deadline.

Need captivating CG renders for your designs? Use our 3D interior rendering services to get breathtaking imagery for your projects!

Ian Diev
Content Writer, Editor at ArchiCGI

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