The end of the year is the time to look back on previous accomplishments and plan new ones. In 2023, our 3D visualization studio completed a number of noteworthy projects. So, we’re taking a moment to review our CG visuals that enabled architects, designers, and real estate professionals to realize their visions and showcase them to clients and stakeholders over the past year. We can say that the ArchiCGI team has a reason to be proud of our work – and, of course, to strive for new heights in the future. Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at our 7 best 3D visuals of 2023! 

#1. Aerial Animation for Real Estate in California

This flythrough is for a real estate project commissioned to us by the award-winning Compass agents. It was created using a technique called camera tracking, which involves combining drone footage with CG-made assets. This is one of the best approaches to save both time and money. 

Here, we didn’t have to build the entire surrounding area from scratch. We only had to model and texture the buildings in 3D and seamlessly integrate them with the drone footage clients provided. In addition to the animation, we also delivered still 3D property renderings for interiors and exteriors within this project. Reflecting the best features of the luxury modern style the real estate agency offers, our 3D visuals became a valuable asset for their marketing. 

#2. Autumn-themed 3D Visuals for Hyatt’s Glamping Lodges

Autumn 3D Visuals for Hyatt Glamping Lodges

We made this render for the extension project of Hyatt’s glamping complex in New York State. The extension included three new lodges and a poolhouse, which Hyatt wanted to present in the best way to their future guests using CGI. 

The client provided us with drawings and models of the buildings, as well as the footage of the surrounding area. Based on the references, we created 3D visuals where modern upscale designs blend organically into the picturesque forest. Warm autumn colors in the 3D visuals emphasize the cozy vibes of a lovely getaway in the nature. You can also check out other glamping lodges CGI we made for Hyatt within this project.

#3. Aerial 3D Visuals for an Urban Redevelopment Project in Tokyo 

Aerial 3D Rendering for Urban Redevelopment Project in Tokyo

The next on our list of the best 3D visuals of the year is a hero shot of the Izaka Hills complex. Here, you can view the complex from above in the real location in Tokyo where it will be built, with its two main towers taking center stage. 

This image was made using the photo matching technique. Our client provided us with photos of the location and the model of the architectural design, and we made sure to create the best photorealistic representation of the concept. The aerial shot emphasizes the grandeur of the complex and shows how harmonically it integrates with the environment. We also made numerous renders of the towers, their interior spaces, and the surrounding gardens of the Izaka Hills complex. You can view these urban redevelopment renderings in our case study.

#4. Exterior 3D Visuals for a Luxurious Mansion in Connecticut

3D Visual of a Mansion Exterior

This image was made for Mark Shattuck, an architect and CEO of US-based Dream Home studio. He is ArchiCGI’s long-term client and friend, who commissioned us this time to create 3D visuals for a classical mansion with a garden in Connecticut. Our team was provided with architectural drawings, site and landscaping plans, photos of the location, as well as style references. In all, we created seven 3D architectural visuals and animation.

This render showcases the exterior of a mansion and its amenities at eye level. The gentle day lighting best reveals the details and materials of the design. And the well-kept green garden emphasizes the feeling of classical luxury and entices the viewer into exploring the premises further. The architect was happy with the results. He used the 3D visuals for a marketing piece in a magazine and shared them on his social media. 

#5. Snowy 3D Visuals for a Colorado Residence

Snowy Mountain Residence 3D Visuals

The fifth piece on our list of best 3D visuals of 2023 was commissioned by Colorado-based Narcis Tudor Architects. The studio needed 3D renderings to get their design of a private residence near iconic Dallas Peak approved by a client. We were asked to create 4 visuals in 4K resolutions. This aerial view, catching both the exterior and the surroundings, is one of them.

Based on the references our client provided, our artist accurately recreated the design in 3D. He also consulted the photos of the location to choose the right 3D models for the trees and bushes growing in the Colorado mountains. On top of that, the artist added warm lighting inside the house. This way, he added a striking contrast against the snowy landscape outside. That also contributed to a sense of cozy seclusion within the atmospheric winter setting. You can see more residence 3D views of this project in our case study.

#6. Interior 3D Visuals with a Magic Feel

Interior 3D Visuals

The client for this one, M. Ziemke Architecture Studio, commissioned us to create a photorealistic rendering for a New York residence. We were asked to deliver visuals for the kitchen and the living room. Highly detailed and carefully textured, the rendering can’t be distinguished from a high-quality professional photo. 

What makes this project unique is the atmosphere. Without making the visuals any less realistic, we added a touch of a fairy tale mood. The artistic lighting, the glowing candles, and an open book make the place look cozy, inviting, and even somewhat magical. The image’s overall warm tones further enhance this ambiance.

#7. Luxurious Hotel Lobby 3D Rendering

Hotel Lobby with Chandelier 3D Rendering

This render was created as part of an inner competition for 3D artists at ArchiCGI. It not only blew our minds but also became a winner of the Viz Pro of the Week award on CGarchitect! 

The image showcases a modern hotel lobby in luxury style. What immediately draws attention here is a glowing chandelier with unique design. The angle emphasizes this statement piece and gives the whole image a sense of grandeur. In turn, the winter landscape outside the window offsets the colors of the interior and emphasizes the warm white and yellow glow of the lighting fixtures inside. The attention to detail, sophisticated lighting, mirror reflections, a glimpse of the outside scenery, and an overall gorgeous setting make this render a worthy entry to our best 3D visuals list.

Creating photorealistic 3D visuals requires technical skills, artistic vision, and years of experience. At ArchiCGI, our 3D artists have it all. These best renderings of 2023 are solid proof of that. Next year, we will be happy to continue creating such amazing visuals for you. 

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Stacey Mur
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