If a designer has an outstanding idea but fails to present it attractively, they might not succeed. And if another designer has a mediocre idea but knows how to pitch it right which one, in your opinion, would earn more? Obviously, presentation is immensely important for designers. But how to go about it? Two of the most popular graphic tools used by interior designers and architects are hand-drawn sketches and 3D render services offered by an architectural visualization studio. Let’s compare these options!

Hand-drawn sketches

Hotel Lobby Interior Sketch
  • You can create them quickly. Most architects know how to draw sketches, and many of them are very good at it. This is the fastest way to reflect the work of your imagination.
  • Creative freedom. Your ability to draw gives you endless freedom to create anything you imagine. You can quickly and easily prepare a few concepts, and let your client decide between them.
  • Availability. To create hand-drawn sketches, you do not need any special software or hardware. Just a pen and a piece of paper will do.
Office Lobby Interior Sketch
  • You have to be extremely accurate when drawing. It is much more difficult to erase a mistake from a sheet of paper than to click ‘remove’. You can also spoil your hand-drawn picture by accident – for example, by spilling water on it.
  • You’ll still probably need a digital copy. Nowadays, all architects and interior designers have their own websites and social media accounts. To share your projects online, you will have to digitize your sketches somehow.
  • It is difficult to revise hand-drawn images. So, if your client wants to see a different angle or to have some corrections made, you will have to redo the whole work from scratch.

Of course, graphic tablets can make it much easier to work on your projects. Still, these sketches will look more like hand-drawn pictures than like photoreal images made by a 3D architectural render services provider.

Photorealistic 3D Render Services

Interior 3D Render of an Office Lobby
  • It is time-saving in case you have in-house 3D artists on your team or opt for outsourcing CGI services. 
  • The results are precise. No matter how accurate a hand-drawn picture may be, photoreal images provided by 3D render services will show every detail of all objects and materials. What’s more, modern 3D architectural render services providers use digital models of products designed by real brands in their visualizations. Which means that you will be able to show the clients their future furniture, wallpapers, and any other interior design aspects with maximum preciseness. And after the approval of your design, renders can serve as accurate instructions for builders responsible for the project realization.
  • CGI is easy to tweak. From changing colors and decor items to showing the whole interior from a different angle, you can have all the changes made quickly and show your client an updated version.
  • A 3D render is easy to share. In our age, it is very important to pass information as fast as possible. Visualizations provided by 3D render services contractors can be instantly shared by email, shown on the computer screen, or even on your smartphone. It is much more convenient than carrying around hand drawings.
  • It helps attract new clients. Architectural 3D render services allow for expanding your portfolio quickly and easily without the need to wait for photos of the completed projects. Beautiful photorealistic images of your concepts will certainly impress new visitors to your website, turning them into potential clients. 

Depending on your project’s needs, you can choose between different types of 3D rendering. It can be static imagery, dynamic photorealistic 3D animation, or even interactive virtual tours.

Interior 3D Render of a Hotel Lobby


  • Licensed 3D software for making photoreal CGI is quite expensive. And mastering it requires time and effort. That is why many architects and designers outsource 3D render services to pay only for the end result high-quality CGI.v

So, hand-drawn sketches or visualizations offered by 3D architectural render services providers? The choice is up to you. Hand drawings are a quick solution when you need to show a schematic concept of your future design. In turn, imagery created with the help of 3D render services allows you to convey a precise vision to the client, avoiding disappointment and dissatisfaction once the project is completed.

Present your architectural project like a work of art with AI-powered CGI

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