An Office Building 3D Visualization

Commercial building rendering gives the viewer a first-person perspective of a building as if already used in business. Since it conveys the overall impression and showcases the benefits of the project, commercial visualization finds a lot of uses before construction and long after cutting the red ribbon.

However experienced an architect is, there are many points of divergence. Will the customer sign a contract or choose a competitor? Do the architect and the client see the commercial building project the same way, or a strong disagreement is going to arise during construction? Do the builders get the idea right or they just think so? Will the client be happy or disappointed using the premises? Will the client refer friends to the architect or, on contrary, discourage them?

An architectural visualization company can help an architect ensure the better-case scenario at any stage of the project. Read on to learn how.

#1. Empower Your Commercial Design Presentation

An Office Building in a Commercial Building Visualization View01

A presentation based on computer-generated images effectively conveys the value of the project. Look at the office building above – doesn’t it look amazing in the exterior rendering? The image reflects the feeling of modernity and simplicity, the balance of proportions in this geometry-based design. A viewer sees the color blocks painted vivid red perfectly harmonizing with white, the dominant tint. The building is a good place for a company to do business, and it perfectly reflects the style of the company. 3D rendering does what words are unable to do: it leads to full understanding and stimulates the customer’s imagination.

#2. Take Part in a Competition and Win the Jury Over

A Skyscraper in a Magnificent Exterior Visualization View02

A Skyscraper in a Magnificent Exterior CGI View03

Winning a high-profile architectural competition means a rapid advance in an architect’s career. For example, Jørn Utzon became world-famous in 1957, when his design for the Sydney Opera House beat other 232 projects. The buil