Custom 3D rendering is indispensable for Manufacturers as it allows to solve major problems arising during product development and launch. It eliminates the need for guesswork, makes for stellar advertising materials, and ensures a good return on money invested. Manufacturers and Inventors that use CGI don’t fear that something may go terribly wrong and all the effort will be wasted. For they can predict the outcome with a fair degree of certainty — and safely focus on how to make things happen.

Custom 3D visualization comes handy at every project stage, making it an easier and safer road for all the parties involved. Customers benefit there too: they get just what they need. A win-win! Wonder how rendering services can help you to launch your brand-new product? Take a look at these 5 opportunities.

#1. CGI Allows Weighing Pros And Cons Before Production

Lifestyle 3D Modeling for Gray Chair Design

With the help of custom 3D rendering service, a Manufacturer can evaluate every detail of his creation without producing physical prototypes. This is a beneficial option, especially considering how much resources are needed to create traditional pre-production models. Notably, the latter requires purchasing all materials for producing a full-size prototype and then waiting for a pretty long time until the pilot model is ready. What is more, building one single prototype is never enough. The Manufacturer needs a series of models — first cheaper ones to test functions, and then more expensive prototypes to get a complete impression of usability and look.

Fortunately, custom 3D rendering enables brands to skip all these unnecessary stages. Using CGI, one can get a virtual pre-production prototype. After that, it is possible to refine this prototype step by step by adding new functional and stylistic features. There is no need for real materials since the whole process takes place in the digital space. And, of course, changing an existing 3D render is much faster than producing a new physical object every time the design is changed.

#2. Custom 3D Rendering Helps To Fix Errors At The Start

Custom 3D Modeling Of a Lilac Sofa

Custom 3D rendering allows for eliminating errors before manufacturing. As flawless as the design may seem in theory, it may turn out to be a fiasco in reality. It can happen because a crucial issue went unnoticed at the outset — like a stylish velvet sofa looking too bulky, or the wooden bar counter turning out to be too narrow. Luckily, 3D Artists are capable of creating a digital prototype that allows to see everything in the design phase and to polish raw ideas.

Finding errors on the stage of design with the help of 3D renderings is a great way to fine-tune the final results quickly and for a reasonable price. This way, the brand will launch the best versions of the product from the first time, without the usual “trial and error” scenario.

#3. 3D Modeling Enhances Marketing Campaigns