Photoreal Still Image For Office Exterior Created With Digital Rendering

Digital rendering is an ongoing theme in US Architects’ life. And even though you never bothered with 3D before, last two months before presentation it seems to stock you. Like yesterday, when you were checking out the main competitor’s website. Their portfolio is full of some amazing photoreal visualizations – featuring pretty houses, exterior and interior, all views imaginable, and these super modern residential complexes, in day and evening light. “Visitors must love it”, you thought before closing the page. Then you remembered your down-to-earth, substantial, dull corporate website and sighed heavily.

Furthermore, at today’s lunch break, your colleague was telling you about his new project. As he was talking about preparations, he mentioned that to be on the safe side, he’s working with a rendering company. When the break was over, he sent you their link on the facebook. Next to the link, he wrote: “ From my experience, it never hurts. Good luck with your tender.” So maybe, it’s worthwhile? You google “digital rendering”, find wikipedia, click and get submerged in the sea of technical explanations. Fascinating information – but not helpful.

Don’t worry! We’ll save you time. Here are top 5 situations when you clearly need Architectural Visualization.

5 Situations When Digital Rendering Saves Architect

#1. A Groundbreaking Idea For The Tender

Amazing Digital Rendering For A Navy Blue Skyscraper Design With Red Lighting

Stunning Digital Rendering For A Fantastic Skyscraper Project Against Blue Sky

Marvelous Digital Rendering Featuring Skyscraper In Realistic Surroundings

You came up with a fantastically audacious idea for this new tender. However, you realise that such a concept can either win you the contract, or be rejected with a shock. Should you abandon your idea to create something safe? Not necessarily. Show with realistic digital rendering that your concept can live. Depict each advantage with well-executed architectural visualizations, and don’t forget to talk about visual impact as well. Night and day views will help with this.

This visual eloquence will make sure that you are on the same page and create a new level of confidence. Besides, if you win, those materials can be used in press-releases and other publicity, which will certainly appeal to your potential customers. Isn’t that handy?

Want to knock the jury’s socks off? In this case, consider using Virtual Reality, 3D Tours or animations. They will turn your design into an experience before it has even been approved! You even may say smugly: “Imagine what effect the real building will produce”.

#2. Digital Rendering For Mutual Understanding

  • Photoreal Digital Rendering for A White Kicthen Studio: View On The Glass Balustrade
  • Quality Digital Rendering For A Kitchen Studio Filled With Daylight