10 Stages Of Lifestyle Furniture Visualization

Furniture visualization lifestyles made by professional 3D artists is a perfect way to get atmospheric, photorealistic and accurate materials for presentations and advertising. Even the most difficult concepts and minute details are brought to life exactly the way the author wanted them to look. Every piece of furniture, important decor element, stunning visual trick and designer’s touch is replicated to the tee. How are these masterpieces created? Today our 3D visualization company lifts the curtain from roomset 3D render creation process, using our recent CGI lifestyle project as an example. Join us as we showcase 10 stages of every 3D furniture rendering project in detail!

#1. Collecting References

Every 3D furniture visualization project starts with gathering physical references: blueprints, sketches, props or photographs. Verbal explanations should be avoided, since it’s much more difficult to transfer words into 3D models. Thus lifestyle project speed and number of corrections depends a lot upon the materials 3D artists get.

#2. Architectural Modeling

10 Stages Of Lifestyle Furniture Visualization: Architectural Modeling