Digital marketing for architecture firms has become a necessity in recent years, even for relatively small businesses. Competition is stiff and anything that can give an edge in it matters a lot, so it’s important to constantly be on the lookout for new techniques and what rivals are up to. Our architectural 3D rendering studio, always aware of latest development and innovations, would like to help you to find new solutions to thrive in digital market. So, here are 5 ways your business can maximise sales efficiency within ecommerce environment.

#1. Make Use Of Social Media

5 Ways To Enhance Digital Marketing For Architecture Firms: Use Social Media To The Fullest

Social media are perfect marketing tools for businesses aiming to get new and loyal customers. However, since digital marketing for architecture firms requires innovation, company accounts on Facebook and Twitter are not enough. There are dedicated architectural platforms like Houzz that connect people interested in interior and exterior design and home improvement, which is a lot better than a social media without a uniform user base. After the accounts are set up, they can be used in a variety of ways – advertising, interacting with clients and monitoring competition.

#2. Use High-Quality Visuals

3D Photorealistic Render for Digital Marketing for Architects

Digital marketing for architecture firms is ineffective without visual content. Having pictures of soon-to-be-constructed projects is key to attracting potential customers. This task requires creating a tangible representation of an idea that exists solely on paper and making sure that it looks gorgeous, showcasing all selling points of a design, a distinct style and personal touches. CGI is the perfect solution to both problems, since 3D renders depict things that don’t exist in real life, can look indistinguishable from real-life photographs and can demonstrate every nook and cranny of the future building or interior.

Take your design presentation to a new level with interior rendering

#3. Always Improve Tools Of Digital Marketing For Architecture Firms

5 Ways To Enhance Digital Marketing For Architecture Firms: Employing Cutting-Edge Tools

Staying competitive in ecommerce means constant improvement of means and their usage. It has been established that CGI is vital to digital marketing for architecture firms, but technology doesn’t stand still and just pictures won’t cut it. AR and VR are quite popular today, and both are useful architecture marketing tools. Virtual reality is a great addition to presentations and can be used very effectively to sway investors, while augmented reality is more suited to interior design projects, showcasing different variations of room layout and tone. Adding interactivity is also a great idea for company websites, so that potential customers may customise their order in real time before placing it or just browse 3D visualizations of projects in 360-degree view with close-ups.

#4. Create A Professional Platform For Digital Marketing

5 Ways To Enhance Digital Marketing For Architecture Firms: Set Up A Professional Website

Creating a high-quality website for a company is one of key elements of digital marketing for architecture firms. A good site shows what a business can do, helps people find the company and turns visitors into potential clients. There are a few steps to creating a good architectural website. First, a gorgeous portfolio with photographs of completed projects and photorealistic 3D renders of upcoming ones. Second, regular posting of news and articles on relevant topics, which would keep clientele engaged. It’s important to plant an idea of company professionalism into clients’ mind and remain “human” at the same time. And as a finishing touch, a simple, sleek, intuitive and clean site interface, for obvious reason.

#5. Focus On Customer Satisfaction And Comfort

5 Ways To Enhance Digital Marketing For Architecture Firms: Make Customers' Experience Comfortable

Competent digital marketing for architecture firms is always customer-focused. One of the uses of social media, as was mentioned before, is scouting the target audience – learning its content preferences. For instance, does the majority of viewers prefer articles or portfolio images with descriptions? Maybe subscribers are more interested in 3D animations of projects instead of static shots, and so on. Then, when the data is collected, social media content on company’s account needs to adhere to the standard devised from the information. This would ensure that potential clients are always updated about latest company news and that there is always some side content that serves the purpose of keeping the viewers interested. Aside from involvement in online community it is also important to make sure that customers’ experience is positive by establishing a 24/7 communication with them and making the process of working with the company easy even for the newcomers.

Present your architectural project like a work of art with AI-powered CGI

So, if you want to succeed in ecommerce, there are a few relatively simple ways of boosting digital marketing efficiency. First thing to do is establishing a strong and consistent social media presence – this will allow you to connect with and study potential clients as well as keep tabs on rival architecture firms. Then, ordering high-quality CGI will give your business flexibility during marketing campaigns and let you have photorealistic renditions of projects that are yet to be built. Tod add to that, employing latest technology will give you an extra edge in competition. Finally, creating a professional website will bring new potential clients and cherishing them will cement customer loyalty and your income. If you implement these solutions in your current and future campaigns there is a higher chance of achieving success on the Internet architectural services market. While you establish social media presence, it would be a great opportunity to stock up on high-quality CGI of your future projects. Get photorealistic images to attract investors online with our architectural rendering services!

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