Learn How To Find Architecture Clients Using A Good Website Preview

How to find architecture clients with a website is a question worth investing time and money. Good website is a powerful marketing tool that brings in more business. Which is why Architects spend a lot of time and money on creation of a perfect website, but it may not work for some reason.There are practically no calls from the website. And if they do happen, they turn into 5 sales at best.

So, the main question is how to create a site that brings in not 5 but 500 potential customers? How to make the site attract clients? Let’s see.
Site is a crucial instrument for business. But does it cover the problem of clients? Of course, it depends on the specific tasks that the site must perform. But in general, it’s not the only source of clients.

Questions You Need To Answer Before Creation Of An Architectural Company Website

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Learn How To Find Architecture Clients Using A Good Website View01

In chronological order, the following questions arise during the planning of the site layout:

  1. Who are your clients? What problems are they trying to solve? Why are they seeking your architectural services? What solutions are they expecting?
  2. What should happen for the clients to come to your website? How does he learn about your website? Marketers call this a question of traffic.
  3. What should a site contain for the client to contact your architectural firm? How to create a good website?
  4. How can the Architect help the potential customer to order his services? What happens after the visitor leaves the website? How to help clients achieve their goals?

Think of the website more as a bridge between the architect and clients. Its main goal is to turn visitors into potential customers and collect their contacts.

Let’s focus today on the second question and think of how to build an ideal website. Obviously, the site should contain contacts of the company, customer reviews, certificates and awards. But is that all?

To answer the question, think of yourself. What are your thoughts and expectations when you come to a website in order to buy something? What are your first thoughts – that the company you’re looking at should pay salaries, rent, fees and make some profit this month? Hardly. You probably think about what you need to find, don’t you?

Let’s get inside the client’s head. What is he thinking about when he comes to your website?

  1. Why do I need architectural services?
  2. Why choose your firm?
  3. Why should I order or leave the contacts right now?

Let’s study closely each question separately.

How To Find Architecture Clients With A Website: Question Of The Customers

Learn How To Find Architecture Clients Using A Good Website View05

Question1: Why does the client need your architecture services?

Aspect 1 – What do you offer?

The most impactful option is to show the exact results of what the client gets at the outcome. This can be:

  • number of consultations
  • set of drawings provided
  • number of 3D visualizations
  • whether the materials specification is included

Aspect 2 – How much will your architecture services cost?

If there are a few price options, give a full description of what each of them comprises.

Aspect 3 – How much time does it take?

If you can’t specify the terms, give the estimated duration for an architectural service – from.. to.. .

This will help client understand what exactly he gets, for what amount of money and in how much time.

Aspect 4 -What additional benefits does the client get?

To make the offer attractive, specify the benefits the clients obtain. The promise depends on the services of an Architecture firm, of course. You could say, that by addressing your professional team, the client:

  • saves loads of time
  • avoids stress
  • could be sure there won’t be any shortage or surplus of materials
  • the residential building will be comfortable, practical and impress the guests as well as neighbors, and the commercial building will accomplish all the business purposes.

Moreover, don’t