5 Types of Photorealistic 3D Renderings

Photorealistic architectural visualisation is a professional photography for projects under development. It impresses clients with the visual impact of the concept and gives detailed information, enhancing the Architect’s brand. It speaks to the audience through images, ensuring mutual understanding and clarity. Finally, after the project is built, high-quality renders can be used as marketing assets for a future restaurant or residential compound.

As a 3D rendering company, we create photorealistic images for projects of all scales and types. So depending on the type of design, we divide photorealistic architectural visualisation into 5 categories, that differ in terms of technical assignments, workflow and price. Read up and learn about the cost, duration and possibilities of your project type.

#1. Residential Exterior Rendering

Architectural Exterior 3D Rendering for a Stunning House

Residential exterior rendering helps Architects showcase the design benefits. To begin with, CGI underlines the visual aspect and highlights the shapes, material choices and finishes. Moreover, they show how the building fits in the surroundings: 3D Artists can put it in a realistic scene.

As well as that, photorealistic architectural visualisation shows how the owners will be able to benefit from the outdoor zones. For instance, tables and stools in the backyard will demonstrate how the family members can spend time enjoying nature during sunny summer days. To breath life into the scene, 3D Artists can add figures of people, animals, cars.

Detailed brief is the best guarantee to the project success. The Architect needs to provide the general plan of the area, improvement plan, and a floor plan for every storey. As well as that, he should describe the required atmosphere and specify the facade materials, time of the day and the elements to include –  like people, animals and vehicles.

Special attention should be given to the scene. Is the private residence surrounded by business centers and fancy shops? Or is it located in the countryside? Another important thing to mention is the climatic zone – that allows 3D Artists to pick the right vegetation.

Turnaround Time

If the building 3D model is ready, photorealistic architectural visualisation for exterior of a house takes around 2 days. If the project includes 3D modeling too, 3D rendering process takes about 3 days.


The cost for the residential exterior renders is calculated for each case separately. The pricing depends on the complexity of the architecture, amount of details and surrounding landscape. For instance, 3D visualisation of a two-story residence with a ready-made 3D model of the house may cost about $430-650, a terrace exterior – $188-600, and an architectural cgi showing 10 houses – $576-2630.

#2. Commercial Exterior Visualisation