With the audience’s short attention spans and the popularity of Reels and TikTok, video marketing becomes increasingly effective across various industries. And real estate is no exception. Video allows you to capture attention, pack a lot of information in just a couple of minutes, and personalize your communication. If you haven’t been prioritizing video content yet, it’s high time to start. To help you with that, our architectural rendering studio gathered 7 latest trends in video in real estate marketing for your inspiration. Let’s get into it! 

#1. Live Video

Live Real Estate Marketing Video

Live video streaming works great for real estate marketing because of its immediacy and interactivity. For example, live video open houses allow agents to showcase properties in real time. This lets prospective buyers explore homes virtually while interacting directly with the realtor. Such a method allows for instant feedback, making potential buyers feel more connected and involved. 

Furthermore, there are various other ways to use this type of video in real estate marketing. Agents can host Q&A sessions, community tours, or even real-time market updates. Such live sessions enhance viewer engagement and provide a platform for realtors to demonstrate their expertise. This interactive approach retains the audience’s attention longer and increases the likelihood of capturing qualified leads — they are often those people who actively participate in the discussion.

#2. Drone Real Estate Marketing Video

Drone Video for Real Estate

Using drone footage boosts the effectiveness of video in real estate marketing by giving potential buyers a bird’s eye view of properties in the context of neighborhoods. This perspective highlights features like gardens, pools, backyards, and the like. Furthermore, it gives insight into the property’s proximity to facilities and geographic landmarks. Overall, drone videos can capture the scope and detail of landscapes, which makes them indispensable for marketing properties with large outdoor areas.

#3. Animation and Drone Video Synergy

Sometimes, drone footage on its own is not enough to create efficient video for real estate marketing. For example, it may happen when you’re working with unfinished properties or undeveloped land. In this case, 3D animation swoops in. 

One of the most innovative techniques – camera tracking – involves combining 3D animation with drone footage. Here, a 3D artist seamlessly integrates realistic 3D models of future buildings into a real-life video of their location. This method is effective for visualizing potential developments on empty land or illustrating the future look of under-construction properties. In such a way, it boosts the marketing appeal of a listing and attracts investments. 

It’s worth mentioning that 3D animation is an incredibly useful tool on its own. You can go for it if you need a video showing the project in a specific setting, such as particular weather, lighting, and so on. With 3D animation, you’ll never have to wait for perfect filming conditions, as you might with drone footage of real-life locations.

#4. Meet the Realtor Video

Real Estate Expert Video

Customers appreciate personal touch and want to know if they are in safe hands with a particular business. So, creating a video that will put a face to a realty brand is a smart idea to build relationships with your prospects. With video in real estate marketing, it can be done in different formats.

  • “About me” video. Talk about your certifications, awards, and previous sales. But make sure it’s not only that – show your personality! Add some humor, be personable, and try to convey who you are both as a professional and as a person.
  • “Day in life” video. People love watching them. On YouTube, you can find such a video for pretty much any profession – so, if done well, yours will also gather viewership. A day in life is an excellent way to show some behind-the-scenes, introduce yourself, show how you work, and maybe even boost a specific property.
  • “Area expert” video to highlight your expertise in local real estate markets and your knowledge of specific neighborhoods.

#5. Video for Reels 

Real Estate Video for Reels

Instagram’s Reels have become a vital tool in real estate video marketing. They offer a dynamic platform for agents to gather organic views and engage with a broad audience. One can use Reels to create a variety of captivating content formats highlighting the unique aspects of listings. Here are some ideas.

  • The already mentioned “A Day in Life” video.
  • “Before-and-After” transformation Reels video can visually demonstrate the impact of renovations or staging on a property, appealing directly to viewers’ love of dramatic reveals.
  • “Highlight Reels” can feature quick video tours of a property’s most attractive features, such as a stunning view or high-end finishes, making each clip both informative and visually appealing.
  • Q&A video for example, with tips for first-time homebuyers or for sellers on how to prepare for the important deal.

And there is more. Here, it is a wise move to explore the strategies of experts across different niches, not just your direct competitors. This can give you a lot of creative ideas for your video. 

#6. Client Testimonial Video

Client Testimonials in Real Estate Marketing

Building trust is essential in real estate marketing. And a client testimonial video is a powerful way to demonstrate your reliability and success. Happy clients sharing their positive experiences can influence the decisions of your audience more effectively than any marketing pitch. These testimonials are persuasive and help humanize your brand, adding a personal touch to your brand’s image.

#7. Storytelling Through Video

Storytelling is a key component of successful video in real estate marketing. Instead of just showcasing properties, industry professionals now tend to create narrative-driven videos that tell a story about the lifestyle and experiences that the property offers. This approach helps potential buyers visualize their lives in the new home and creates an emotional attachment to the property.

Immerse clients into your design projects with a 3D animation

In 2024, video has become more than just a marketing tool. It is a critical component of real estate sales strategies. As the real estate landscape continues to change, professionals who master the art of video marketing will not only survive but thrive. Some of the videos – for example, for Reels – can be shot by yourself on your phone (just make sure to enhance your audio equipment when doing that). For other, more complicated ones, it’s best to contact professionals.

Looking for reliable 3D rendering services to help you out with animation or other CG visuals for your listings? Get in touch with us at ArchiCGI to get high-quality video content for all your marketing channels! 

Stacey Mur
Content Writer, Copywriter

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