3D visualization for real estate is a true gift for developers and realtors selling unfinished properties. For it used to be way tougher to sell a house under construction than a ready dwelling. That was because developers and realtors didn’t have anything to show to clients except for blueprints and photos of construction sites. Pictures of unfinished dwellings don’t look that impressive, and drawings are hard to understand. Thus, pre-selling even the finest real estate was a challenge.

But when architectural 3D visualization came into play, realtors and developers got effective tools to pre-sell properties. How so? Let’s find out about 6 ways 3D rendering allows you to achieve that.

#1. Photoreal 3D Visualization Shows Real Estate before Construction

3D Real Estate Visualization for Advertising

3D rendering levels the playing field. Now, both sellers and pre-sellers of real estate can land successful deals. Previously, the developers who were selling finished houses held all the cards. They could arrange a professional photo and video shooting of a property and prepare mind-blowing presentation and marketing materials. Even if an apartment or house in question was in poor condition, the realtor could order restaging and restyling. Then, they could take attractive pictures and get people to book viewings.

Meanwhile, those who worked with unfinished real estate didn’t have such options. What could they do to produce advertisements that matched the future property’s potential? But that was before 3D visualization appeared. With the advent of CGI, one can get photoreal 3D renderings that show the future project in full glory. In such a way, chances for pre-selling property become much higher.

What’s more, 3D visualization for real estate allows for the expansion of the target audiences. Those prospects who want to buy a ready property can change their minds once they see beautiful photorealistic 3D renders of a soon-to-be-built house.

#2. CG Visualization Highlights the Project’s Benefits

3D Visualization for Real Estate Interior

3D visualization for real estate can emphasize every beneficial detail of a home, office, or any other space. For instance, a 3D rendering of a residential complex can show well-lit streets, parking lots, security posts, supermarkets, schools, and kindergartens nearby. Simply put, it will highlight everything needed for a comfortable and safe family life.

Similarly, a 3D rendering of an apartment can emphasize its functional and stylistic benefits. CGI can show the layout, lighting design, and stylish decor. Also, the viewers will see and appreciate every smart solution the dwelling has. For example, a bedroom with a large walk-in wardrobe or a chic en-suite bathroom are impressive assets worth showing.

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#3. CGI Makes Buyers Connect Emotionally with a Property

3D Real Estate Marketing CG Rendering

Studies prove that ads that evoke feelings increase sales by 23% compared to regular ones. And there’s nothing that stirs emotions better than professional imagery. So here again, real estate rendering holds all the answers. For 3D artists not only create photoreal visuals but also know how to ‘play’ with the image and what details to add to make it appealing. There are many categories of such details, and 3D artists choose them depending on the sales process and the type of building.

For instance, apartment 3D renders may include elements that make a space look as if the dweller has just left it. This will help the prospect feel the coziness and comfort of a future home. The effect is achieved by adding small things like a cup of fuming tea on the table, a blanket spread on a sofa, or an open book on a chair.

3D Visualization For Real Estate Interior

Similarly, if CGI displays a bathroom, the image can show condensation on mirrors and glass surfaces. This way, it looks like one has just taken a hot shower here.

The exterior 3D visuals can contain lots of emotion-evoking details as well. These can be weather effects — sunbeams, clouds, raindrops, snowflakes, wind waving the grass.

3D Visualization For Real Estate: Modern Residence

Also, exterior 3D renders can include plants and animals. Green trees, beautiful flowers, and flocks of birds in the sky will show off the beauty of local nature. Thus, the viewer will be immersed in the atmosphere of the area.

#4. CG Visualization for Real Estate Enhances Marketing Campaign

3D rendering for real estate is a true advertising asset that can increase marketing ROI quickly. That is because realistic detailed 3D visualization of a property instantly draws the attention of potential buyers, while blueprints or photos of unfinished buildings can hardly catch their eye.

Photoreal 3D visualization for real estate makes for impeccable and universal advertising materials. Static 3D renderings will look gorgeous both in print and digital — in magazines, on billboards, websites, on social media, and emails. If the realtor wants to get even more exposure for the offer, they can get 3D animations for the real estate and show them on TV and YouTube. On top of that, for the most immersive experience, real estate professionals can go for an interactive virtual tour — like in the example above.

#5. Architectural 3D Visualization Justifies Upmarket Property Price

3D Real Estate Visualization for House Landscape

With only drawings and sketches, it’s hard to break down the price of a luxurious real estate. But when looking at photoreal 3D visualization, the buyer will easily understand the realtor’s or developer’s point.

Notably, the viewer can see that the house will be built using only high-end materials — sustainable, good-looking, and easy to maintain. Also, 3D visualization can show the beauty of the house’s location. Whether the dwelling will be situated by a Scandinavian forest or on a Californian seacoast, 3D renders will show the charm of local nature.

What is more, real estate rendering displays all the features that make a project stand out. For instance, the viewers will be able to appreciate the unique architecture, underground parking, and fancy landscape design. Thus, they will understand why this property is worth its price.

#6. CGI Allows Real Estate Experts to Harness the Power of Customization

3D Visualization For Real Estate Exterior
3D Visualization For Real Estate Exterior Design

When considering the purchase of an unfinished property, a potential buyer wants to be sure that it will meet or exceed their expectations once completed. And while an initial 3D render of the concept can be appealing to prospects, many of them are curious about alternative design possibilities — perhaps a different style of cladding or a unique window shape. 

In this case, 3D visualization for real estate is a life-saver. It allows one to quickly get an updated render of the property CGI. With the necessary changes introduced, it becomes personalized for the client. So, they can easily understand which design option suits them best. It helps them make well-informed and confident decisions faster.

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3D rendering is indispensable for pre-selling real estate. Unlike other presentation materials, 3D visualization can show a house that is not built yet. Furthermore, it can highlight all its infrastructure and design benefits so the buyers will see what they pay for. Also, 3D rendering is the only presentation material that can affect the emotions of viewers. This makes the ads with CGI super effective.

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