In the digital era, the art of real estate pre-sales has changed its face entirely. This evolution has given rise to a new mighty tool 3D rendering. It helps showcase yet-to-be-built properties in their best light. With CGI, potential real estate buyers and renters can explore the spaces in detail before setting foot inside and before these spaces even exist in reality. However, just like with any other marketing tool, one should use 3D wisely. This includes choosing the best angles for real estate rendering.

As an experienced 3D visualization company, we know how to maximize the impact of CGI. Wondering how to pick the best angles for your renderings? Let’s get into it!

#1. Go Wide

Wide-Angle Real Estate CGI

A wide-angle rendering captures as much of the space as possible. It instantly creates an impression of openness and roominess. By showcasing the expanse of a place, you do not just display its size. You entice potential buyers with the prospect of a spacious living experience.

#2. Capture From a Corner

Corner View Real Estate Rendering

The corner view is one of the best angles for real estate rendering. Giving a deep and detailed glimpse into the space, it allows viewers to absorb the entirety of a room and its distinct features. Commonly used for interior shots, corner angles unveil the layout and design from a vantage point that leaves almost nothing unexplored.

#3. Provide a Head-on View

Head-On Real Estate Interior Shot

There are always certain design features that deserve the spotlight. And a straight-on shot helps emphasize them. Whether it’s a cozy fireplace, doors with intricate design, or another noteworthy element, straight-on angles will show its allure. A rendering like that draws the audience’s attention to those special nuances that make your project exceptional.

#4. Elevate to Captivate

Real Estate Aerial View 3D Rendering

Aerial views can be created from scratch in 3D or feature drone footage of the location. These shots provide invaluable context, showing how the building will work with its surroundings. They are ideal for properties with ample land, distinctive landscaping, or captivating architectural contours. Such angles deliver an extraordinary viewpoint that beckons with exploration from above. 

#5. Add Down-to-Earth Realism

Eye-Level Exterior Real Estate Rendering

Among the best angles for real estate rendering, the eye-level exterior shot is also the most popular one. This angle provides an accurate and relatable depiction of what potential residents would see as they approach the place. Simply put, it paints a realistic picture that instantly resonates with the audience.

#6. Highlight the Amenities

Real Estate Amenities CGI

Luxury lies in the details, and nothing communicates opulence like amenities rendering. Whether it’s a lavish pool, a state-of-the-art home theater, or a bespoke kitchen, separate shots are the best way to emphasize them. They entice your audience with the lifestyle defined by these exclusive features.

#7. Embrace the Grandeur

Low Angle Real Estate Rendering

For properties that boast towering details, from grand entrances to lofty ceilings, low-angle views reign supreme. That’s because by choosing lower camera angles, you amplify the sense of grandeur in a rendering. These views accentuate the impressiveness of the property, captivating your potential buyers.

#8. Celebrate the Details

Close-Up Real Estate Rendering

While sweeping views are undoubtedly attractive and informative, the devil is in the details. And that’s why close-up shots are your best opportunity to emphasize the uniqueness of a property. Capture the intricacies of exquisite materials, elegant built-ins, and other discrete features that set your project apart. Close-ups give your listing character and charm, ensuring no meaningful design element goes unnoticed.

#9. Frame the Context

Exterior Rendering Showing Real Estate in Context

Contextual shots are among the best angles for real estate rendering to demonstrate a property’s relationship with its environment. Whether it’s the proximity to a lush park, a serene beach, or any other enticing feature, these views provide the audience with a taste of the future lifestyle they would enjoy.

#10. Let Prospects Explore Interactively

Enter the 360-degree virtual tour — an immersive experience that allows your prospective buyers to navigate through a property with a sense of agency. This interactive tool lets viewers virtually walk through rooms, hallways, and outdoor spaces. It places potential buyers at the center of the experience, making them active participants in their exploration journey.

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These were some of the best angles for real estate rendering. A perfect strategy for your listing is to combine at least a couple of them. This way, you can make sure you paint the full picture. Smartly chosen real estate renders will present your project at its best and make it appealing to potential buyers or renters. 

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Stacey Mur
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Stacey is a content writer and a CG artist. Outside of work, Stacey enjoys musicals, Star Wars, and art talk. A proud Corgi parent.