When you create real estate listings, every detail matters, especially visuals. An image of the property is worth a thousand words. It can make or break your potential client’s impression. That’s why having a steady stream of high-quality visuals is crucial – and that’s true even for the properties yet unbuilt or under renovation. That’s exactly where 3D services for real estate become a game-changer. They help show any property at its best even before it is actually built and can do it in many creative ways.

Our architectural visualization studio works closely with realtors and developers to ensure their listings are both visually captivating and informative. Let’s discuss the best solutions you can get with 3D services! 

#1. CG Rendering

3D Interior Rendering Services for Real Estate

The first on the list of assets 3D services for real estate can provide is the undying classic. Static photorealistic imagery of the future property can be used pretty much for any real estate marketing purpose. A 3D exterior rendering can provide a realistic and detailed view of a house, showcasing it in various lighting conditions and weather. This allows potential buyers or renters to get a sense of the architectural design and integration with its surroundings. 

An interior 3D rendering, in turn, provides crucial information about the space your client will live or work in. With the help of 3D, you can cover the layout, interior design, furnishings, finishes, and decor. For an informative presentation, it’s best to order a couple of both exterior and interior renders.

#2. Dollhouse 3D Visualization

3D Services for Real Estate: Dollhouse Rendering

Dollhouse rendering for architecture and real estate provides a unique, albeit a bit unusual, perspective. It shows a building as if one of its walls was removed. This type of 3D imagery works great when you need to provide a comprehensive overview of the layout and structure of a house with several floors. Such an engaging and informative 3D image makes it easier for clients to navigate the spatial relations of a place.

#3. 3D Floorplan

3D Floor Plan Visualization Services for Real Estate

If a dollhouse covers the spatial relations in a vertical cut, a 3D floor plan provides a horizontal one – as if there was no roof. Asking your 3D services provider for such a plan is the best way to ensure you convey the layout of an apartment or floor. While traditional 2D plans might be a bit hard to read and interpret, a 3D plan ensures a confident understanding of how the space is organized, its dimensions, relationships between different areas and objects, as well as the details of the interior.

#4. Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging Services for Real Estate

This is the case when 3D services for real estate beat any possible competition. Virtual staging can breathe life into an empty space by digitally furnishing it. Showcasing the property with furniture is incredibly efficient as it allows potential buyers to envision themselves living or working there. All you need to do to get this type of CGI is provide a photo of the room. Unlike physical staging which can take a lot of time and resources, virtual staging is budget-friendly and quick. Also, it’s great for demonstrating different furnishing and style options.

#5. Animation

3D animation adds a dynamic element to property visualization. On the one hand, it’s informative as it is possible to pack one piece of media with all the info about the place. With the right views and visual effects, you can focus the audience’s attention on the project’s benefits. On the other hand, it’s aesthetically and emotionally captivating. It can become a show-stopper on your listing. And, considering that the trend for video content on social media is only rising, you can get ahead of your competitors in digital marketing.

#6. Virtual Tours

This type of 3D content offers a 360-degree view of real estate, allowing buyers to explore future spaces as if they were physically present there. A virtual tour provides a comprehensive overview of the layout and features. It’s an invaluable tool for remote buyers or those seeking a detailed preview before an in-person visit. And, of course, it allows one to get a real sense of a building even when it’s yet to be constructed. If you’re working with this type of real estate, asking your 3D services provider for a virtual tour will definitely be a wise move.

#7. Immersive Tours

Another cutting-edge real estate visualization trend is rising thanks to the Unreal Engine capabilities. It offers a hyper-realistic and interactive 3D experience called immersive tours. Here, users can virtually walk through the space and interact with elements within it. Furthermore,  they can change lighting conditions or design options. Such a 3D tour can provide an unmatched level of engagement and realism.

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Are you trying to get ahead of competitors and ensure potential buyers get the most out of your listings? 3D services for real estate can help you with that. The times when a real estate expert had to rely solely on photos and text descriptions are behind. 3D visuals can cover all your needs and offer unparalleled possibilities for advertising spaces still under construction or renovation.

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