Gorgeous House Architectural Render

Residential architectural rendering is dominating the market, and for good reasons. CGI can visualize things that don’t exist yet, which is a lifesaver for architects who would otherwise have no visual representation of their designs, at least worthy of showing at project presentations. Some architects are even studying 3D rendering, doing research at dedicated resources. However, there are seven important things that no encyclopaedia can tell about 3D visualization – something that only an experienced 3D rendering company can share. So let’s find out what these things are!

Residential Architectural Rendering: What You Didn’t Know

#1. High-Quality 3D Renders Are On Par With Professional Photos

Picturesque Cottage Architectural Visualization

There still is a misconception that even the best architectural renderings can’t compare to real-life photos. Modern architectural rendering software is capable of producing visuals that are almost indistinguishable from photographs. A perfect use for residential architectural rendering is project presentations – not only they are much more informative than hand-drawn sketches or charts, but also look gorgeous at the same time.

#2. Residential Architectural Rendering Is Perfect For Filling Portfolios

Chic Villa Exterior 3D Rendering

The majority of architectural community fills their portfolios with finished building images, which means that building up a sizeable reputation will take years, and such people are hardly getting enough clients to make their work sustainable. 3D residential rendering solves the issue with ease. Outsourcing design visualization will allow both individual architects and architectural companies to drastically expand their portfolios in the shortest amount of time possible, compared to how long things take to be done in the industry. Sure, the actual houses are not built yet, but pictures look very enticing, attracting investors.

#3. Professional 3D Residential Rendering Gives Advantages In Advertising

Housing Estate 3D Rendering

Online advertising sets higher standards than traditional means. Ecommerce demands high-quality visuals to make an impact and a lot of them to keep up the momentum, act as failsafes or just to have materials in stock for future campaigns. Given the facts that you have found out so far, the advantages of residential archit