Hand-drawn sketches vs 3d render services

In order to be successful an architect or an interior designer, the person should have certain qualities. The way to success is usually determined by three main factors: ideas that we have, persistence in their realization and ability to present and sell them. All these three qualities are equally important, and it is impossible to single out only one. While the designer might have outstanding ideas, it may not be enough for success. This is why the difference between the average designer and the professional is exactly in these three qualities. In this article, we will focus on the ways how architects and interior designers create their projects and how it can directly influence their success.

If the designer has truly original ideas but fails to present them attractively, it is just a waste of effort, time and money. If another designer has simply average ideas but knows how to present them in the shape of amazing illustrations, which one, in your opinion, would earn more? Obviously, presentation is immensely important for designers. Let’s discuss two of the most popular graphic techniques used by interior designers and architects: hand-drawn sketches and visualizations created with the help of 3D render services.

Hand-drawn Sketches


Hand Drawing of Interior Made with the Help of 3D Render Services


  • You can create them quickly. Most architects know how to make drawn sketches, and many of them are quite good at it. This is the fastest way to reflect the work of your imagination.
  • Creative freedom. Your ability to draw gives you endless freedom for creating anything you can imagine. You can quickly and easily prepare a few concepts, and decide between them later.
  • Hand-drawn sketches develop analytical skills. The architect must clearly understand how the objects interact, how they reflect light and shadows and how they should be depicted in relation to each other. Drawing teaches you how to think and be attentive to details.

Interior Sketch Made with the Use of 3D Render Services


  • You can spoil the paper. You have to be extremely accurate when drawing on paper. It is much more difficult to erase a mistake from the sheet of paper than to click “remove”. You can also spoil your draw picture by accident – for example, spilling water on paper.
  • Only one copy exists. It takes great effort for you to create a great drawing. Even if it brings you a solid paycheck, you have to give the only existing version of your work to the client.
  • You still need a digital copy. Nowadays, all architects and interior designers have their own websites and profiles in social networks. In order to share your projects, you will have to turn your hand-drawn sketches into 3D render imagery.
  • It is difficult to revise. If the client wants to see a different angle or to make corrections, you will have to redo the whole work from scratch.

Of course, the existence of graphic tablets, which are something in between hand-drawn picture and 3D render imagery, makes it much easier to work on your projects. Still, your sketches will look more like hand-drawn imagery than like graphic of 3D render services.

Graphic Imagery of 3D Render Services


Interior Shown with 3D Render Services


  • It is time-saving. At first, 3D graphics may seem too difficult to grasp, but the time spent on learning will be totally worth it. As soon as you complete two or three projects, you will understand how to spend less time on working with clients due the 3D architectural rendering service.
  • The end results are precise. No matter how accurate a hand-drawn picture may be, image of 3D re