3D Animation Software. Top 5

When looking for the right 3D animation software, it’s crucial to find the right tool. So, you ask colleagues for advice, look through the specialized magazines and software advertisements in order to make the right choice. But what you really need is a clear understanding what exactly you’ll be using the software for, the lever of expertise in 3D Animation, as well as time and money you are willing to invest into learning and purchase. Based on this, you’ll be able to make an educated choice. So, to make your life easier, and the work process – smoother, get acquainted with the top 5 choices of Animation.

3D Animation Software: Top 5

Market Leader #1. Cinema 4D

The program was developed by MAXON Computer GmbH. This 3D Animation software was created for Amiga computers. However, with time the company developed versions which work on Windows and Mac platforms. There are 4 versions available on the market: Prime, Broadcast, Visualize and Studio. Prime is a good choice for beginners, having less features and therefore being easier to master. Broadcast version includes advanced animation toolkit as well, while Visualize  has excellent features necessary for quality modeling and rendering of static images. Cinema Studio combines the features of all the three versions. In this article, we’ll mainly concentrate on the beginner’s choice – Cinema 4D Prime.

3D Animation Software for 3D Modeling and Animation


The Use

Cinema4D is popular for Cinema, TV, Advertising and Architecture spheres. As for the films, the software was used for creation of Beowulf, Chronicles of Narnia, Iron Man 3 to name but a few. The 3D Animation Software was also used to create such TV commercials as for Eviivo and Adidas.

Among the example totally worth mentioning of the Use of 4D Cinema is the creation of graphics for The Totally Rad Show and Age of Persuasion.


The software is available at the price of around $ 3 700.

3D Modeling Features

Cinema 4D includes wonderful toolkits for both polygonal and procedural modeling. It is possible to create practically any shape you like, whether realistic or abstract. One feature Cinema4D is particularly appreciated for is BodyPaint 3D, which allows to paint  on UVW meshes. As well as that, Cinema4D can boast of smart UV tools, Optimal Mapping & LSCM Unwrapping, extensive choice of painting and texturing tools.

3D Animation Features

Cinema4D is particularly appreciated for soft and rigid body dynamics, rigging, PyroCluster, character animation, cloth simulation, particle simulations.

Learning Curve

The interface is intuitive and rather easy to learn, especially with the multitude of free tutorials available on the Internet.

Types of Files Supported

Here are only some of the file extensions Cinema4D supports: tiff, psd, tga, dpx, bmp, pict, iff, jpeg, png, avi, .3ds, .dae, dxf, dwg, fbx, iges, stl, .obj.

Market Leader #2. 3Ds Max

3Ds Max was developed and is owned by Autodesk Media and Entertainment. It runs on  Microsoft Windows platform only.

The use

This 3D Animation Software is mostly used for c