Organisation And Work Structure Of A Visualization Company

Outsourcing to a 3D architectural visualization company is a common practice among the vast majority of architects and interior or exterior designers. The procedure is simple – submit specifications and receive photorealistic images. But, there is always a chance that something can go wrong, the deadlines are postponed and nobody is satisfied. In order to avoid most common accidents, you need to know how a 3D architectural rendering company is run and organised. Join us as we explain the work structure of our studio and how to maximise cooperative efficiency!

When it comes to how 3D rendering business is run, a visualization company is no different from any other profit organisation. Management department makes the right decisions to maximise production effectiveness, customer satisfaction and revenue, streamline the workflow and maintain it. 3D artists do their job and produce gorgeous CGI. Sales department does its best at making sure that a business never runs out of clients. A visualization company like ArchiCGI differs from counterparts in how we process orders and organise service. There are 5 stages to each project clients submit, and let’s go through them in detail.