A Roomy Dwelling in a Floor Plan Rendering

3D floor plan is a computer-generated horizontal section of a residential or commercial property. Earlier, when computer graphics were yet to revolutionize the industry, real estate agents had to invest a lot of both time and money into a sale. Marketing materials, professional photography, house remodeling, home staging – not everyone could afford this. While with advent of 3D graphics, top-notch marketing and presentation materials have become available, owing to 3D rendering prices and immense skills of 3D artists.

3D floor plan is one of the best gifts of 3D visualization to real estate industry. It’s is a true marketing asset: it attracts and informs buyers, dispels their doubts, sparkles their desire, thus adding to the number of showings. Furthermore, using floor plan renders helps agents net property sellers as those consider them a competitive advantage.

As a result, a 3D floor plan helps properties sell faster, in larger numbers, and at higher costs. How is this possible? Let’s see.

#1. A 3D Floor Plan Helps Listings Stand Out

To list a property without a room layout means to leave the dimensions uncertain. Also, buyers will doubt whether the room orientations and distances suit their lifestyle. As a result, 1 in 4 buyers, according to surveys, will be less likely to arrange for a showing. Moreover, 1 in 5 respond that they won’t consider listings that have no room layout at all.

Fortunately, there’s a way to give buyers a full perspective of the property. By providing a realistic and unequivocal bird’s-eye perspective of the entire dwelling, 3D floor plan rendering helps buyers fully understand what they will get. The viewers will appreciate the practicality of the home layout and the picturesque views from the windows. Moreover, realistically depicted well-known objects such as a bed, chair, or car help buyers use their everyday experience to get the dimensions right.

And unlike 2D floor plans that need interpretation, 3D ones make all the benefits of a property obvious. This way, the apartment or house depicted will look more attractive than in the 2D competition. As a result, realtors convey value to more viewers and thus improve listing conversion rate.

#2. 3D Floor Plans Empower Online Marketing

  • Before-3d space plan
    After-3d space plan
    Space plan3d space plan3d space plan