A 3D floor plan is a computer-generated horizontal section of a building. Earlier, when computer graphics were yet to revolutionize the industry, real estate agents had to invest a lot of both time and money into a sale. Marketing materials, professional photography, house remodeling, home staging – not everyone could afford this. But with the advent of 3D graphics, top-notch marketing and presentation materials have become available, owing to 3D rendering prices and the immense skills of 3D artists.

A CG floor plan is one of the best gifts of 3D visualization for real estate industry. It’s is a true marketing asset: it attracts and informs buyers, dispels their doubts, and sparkles their desire. And that leads to a greater number of showings. Furthermore, using 3D house plans helps agents net property sellers, as those consider them a competitive advantage.

As a result, a 3D floor plan helps properties sell faster, in larger numbers, and at higher costs. How is this possible? Let’s see.

#1. A 3D Floor Plan Helps Listings Stand Out

To list a property without a room layout means to leave the dimensions uncertain. Also, buyers will doubt whether the room orientations and distances suit their lifestyle. As a result, 1 in 4 buyers, according to surveys, will be less likely to arrange for a showing. Moreover, 1 in 5 respond that they won’t consider listings that have no room layout at all.

Fortunately, there’s a way to give buyers a full perspective of the property. By providing a realistic and unequivocal bird’s-eye perspective of the entire dwelling, 3D floor plan rendering helps buyers fully understand what they will get. The viewers will appreciate the practicality of the home layout and the picturesque views from the windows. Moreover, realistically depicted well-known objects such as a bed, chair, or car help buyers use their everyday experience to get the dimensions right.

And unlike 2D floor plans that need interpretation, 3D ones make all the benefits of a property obvious. This way, the apartment or house depicted will look more attractive than in the 2D competition. As a result, realtors convey value to more viewers and thus improve listing conversion rate.

#2. CG Floor Plans Empower Online Marketing

Before-3d space plan
Before space plan

3D house plans allow realtors to increase the impact of landing pages, social media posts, emails, and mobile apps. In social media, it helps captivate mobile device users, who often check updates on the go. All the benefits of a dwelling are in full view, so the prospect stops scrolling to give a careful look to the rooms.

As with listings, readers of landing pages and newsletters as well as users of mobile apps are already motivated. And similarly to listings, using floor plan renderings here helps increase conversion rates by informing the buyer about the room layout and dimensions as well as unequivocally showcasing the advantages of the object.

Global property marketing allows to sell real estate overseas. It’s mostly a matter of luxury dwellings, so entering the global housing market helps a realtor significantly increase his or her income. However, foreign buyers often hesitate to reach out to the realtor as an appointment would cost them significantly more time and effort. By letting them see a dwelling in all its splendor while being technically precise, rendered floor plans close the spatial divide and motivate buyers to make a visit.

3D floor plan is a perfect tool for online sales. It informs, entertains, and presents the property in the best light. But it also pays off to add a wow-factor, like 360° panorama or 3D animation. These 3D solutions make for show-stopping marketing materials. Moreover, real estate rendering gives an agent plenty of additional opportunities. For instance, to sell properties way before construction finishes or, what is more, begins.

#3. 3D Floor Plans Make for Catchy Print Marketing

Billboards, posters, handouts, postcards, door hangers – print materials are indispensable when it comes to conquering a local real estate market. Those who use print marketing materials effectively leverage the motivational power of imagery. A rendered floor plan helps print adverts showcase the main strengths of a dwelling on a piece of paper without any words needed. The buyers feel as though they have already been to the place, and that encourages them to make the next step – call the realtor.

#4. A 3D Floor Plan Allows to Present the Future

A common challenge for a realtor is the gap between the opportunities and the current state of a dwelling. Worn-out furniture or empty rooms with no furnishings at all ruin the impression of an otherwise nice home. A little work, and it will exceed the buyer’s expectations. However, a realtor needs more than words to prove it.

So, how to improve the situation and demonstrate the real value of such a house or apartment? Fortunately, a combination of floor plan rendering and virtual 3D staging helps agents demonstrate the potential of any property. This way, they can get their clients a fair price for it – the one the place is really worth. Because a 3D floor plan with virtual staging demonstrates what the house can look like after renovation – with perfectly selected furniture and decor.

Thanks to 3D rendering software and techniques, the imagery will not only be clear and detailed but also stunningly realistic. And if the seller is willing to invest, the realtor can hire an interior designer to create a complete design project. As a result, the buyers’ opportunities will expand, and the price will be even higher.

#5. Floor Plan Renderings Show Expertise to Sellers

Before signing a contract, a client wants to make sure the realtor knows how to sell fast and at the best price possible. So naturally, they will examine the realtor’s marketing materials to see if the property will be given the best shot. Using 3D rendering floor plans for listings and marketing materials as well as other 3D rendering products will say loads about the realtor’s business acumen and convince the most tech-savvy and demanding clients. Needless to say, a personal brand is everything when it comes to real estate. And using the best of what marketing materials can give you will reinforce it.

This way, floor plan renderings help real estate sales come full circle: they attract both buyers and sellers so as to add to a realtor’s prosperity. And the circle widens even more as the realtor uses them for marketing materials.

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