3D Architectural Visualization for an Elegant Resort Hotel

Photorealistic 3D rendering has changed the architecture business for good. Though CGI is mostly known for breathtaking movie effects and awesome online games, it actually helps Architects avoid a number of painful problems. And with those fixed, they can improve their businesses performance and profitability – find more clients, enhance communication with the current ones, optimize marketing budgets and achieve even their most ambitious career goals. In a nutshell, cgi has opened new ways for enriching architectural businesses. Sounds tempting? Then read up to see 5 ways a 3D rendering company improves architecture businesses.

#1. Attract Clients Online Using 3D Architecture Visualization

Exterior Project 3D Render with Photorealistic Environment

Just because the project is still under construction, suspended or even cancelled, doesn’t mean the Architect shouldn’t take credit for excellent work. Using 3D architectural renders, he can create the best marketing materials there is – case studies. And these make all the difference when it comes to selling services online.

Website case studies showcase the Architect’s signature style, the type of projects he excels at, and highlight the expertise. Paired with a strong offer and call-to-action, they leave the client no choice but to call. Sounds interesting, right? To get visuals for a case study, all the Architect needs is to send materials to a 3D rendering company and set the task.

Moreover, 3D architecture visuals in case studies work just as well on social media. When prospects look through the 3D renders on Facebook, Pinterest or Houzz, they see for themselves that the specialist has the right experience and delivers great quality. So to attract that attention online, it makes sense to use a variety of 3D architecture means – interior and exterior 3D visualizations, virtual tours, animations. This will make the company’s profile look professional and help stand out among competitors.

#2. Make Powerful Advertisements with 3D Architecture Renders

House Design 3D Architectural Visualization

Email and print advertising help to engage clients who are considering their options but aren’t ready to commit. So it’s vital to establish a communication while prospects are still figuring things out. One way is to provide useful information, casually promoting architecture services. And what can say “relevant and high-quality” better than emails with project cgi? The letters may lead to the website blog or case studies, or entice to schedule a skype meeting. Regardless, 3D rendering will make readers pay attention and remember the Architect when the time comes.

Print collaterals are a great tool for architecture marketing too. To inform, they should contain all the relevant data – that’s the standard. But to engage, print materials need to include high-quality cg imagery. In fact, strong visuals can motivate readers to take a closer look at the booklet and ultimately make the call.

#3. Score Points with Clients Using CGI

Evening CGI View for a Business Center Design

The first meeting determines whether there will be the second. Which means there’s only one opportunity to showcase the service level and prove that the project will be given full attention. So 3D in architecture presentation shows that the company will go to great length to find the best solutions. Beautiful 3D renderings will demonstrate the beauty of the concept and help explain each practical solution. On top of that, 3D rendering can add the meeting an element of the show. Virtual tour and 3D animation featuring the project in all its beauty will make a thrilling spectacle. Such level of preparation and care to detail will definitely help start a relationship of mutual trust.

#4. Improve Communication Using 3D Architecture Visualization

Interior Design CGI for Working Space at Home

Explaining the project to clients who do not understand drawings is hard work. Especially when talking about things like natural light and views from the windows. Instead of appealing to imagination, the Architect can simply show a few photorealistic renderings. Mission accomplished! The audience will appreciate both the benefits of the project and simplicity of the delivery. Best of all, the clients will be sure that they know exactly what they are getting, which means there will be no surprises at the end for either party.

#5. Use 3D Architecture Renders to Facilitate The Construction

Exterior Design 3D Render for Residence